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Midterm Exam Schedule



January 27th


 January 28th


 January 29th


 January 30th


January 31st

8:50 – 11:00

English 2202

English 3202

English 2201

English 3201*

Physics 2204

Physics 3204

Math 3202

Math 1201

Math 2201

Math 2200

Chemistry 2202

Chemistry 3202


Biology 3201*


12:45 – 2:45

Math 3201*

Science 1206

World Geography 3202

World Geography 3200

               (All Exams Will Be Written In Gymnasium)

Common Exams*

Newsletter, January 10, 2014

You can download the entire newsletter here:

Newsletter – january 10

Quick Hits  

  • Canteen – There are limited items in the canteen (ice cream and milk) but suppliers will begin restocking next week.  Parents are advised to send along items for your child’s recess and lunch; we will let you know through synervoice when we are restocked.
  • Midterm Exams begin January 27th (Monday, January 27th – Friday, January 31st).  Please see schedule on back.  Tutorial schedules will be sent out next week.
  • Public Health will be at RIA for Needles on Monday, January 13th : All grade 4’s & 9’s and grade 6 girls.
  • School Council Meeting: Wednesday, January 15th   @ 6:30.
  • Home and School Committee Meeting: Wednesday, January 15th   @ 7:30.
  • Coffee House: Thursday, January 23rd
  • Door to Door Recycling Blitz: Thursday, January 16th  .  Also, feel free to drop off your recyclables at the school on this day.