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Katelyn Butt Wins Bronze at NL Winter Games!!!

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Katelyn has had a busy couple of days at the NL Winter Games.  She is a part of the Host Region’s Mixed Bowling Team and has represented RIA and all of Random Island very well.  She is our first representative to a Winter Games since our girls volleyball team won bronze in 2002.

Katelyn took part in the opening ceremonies this past Saturday and had a major role as ‘Snook’ invited her to take the stage and she then gave the athlete’s oath in front of thousands of athletes and invited guests from across the province.  Katelyn then had three busy days of competition which lead up to a big bronze medal match Tuesday morning. Katelyn had the top score of anyone in the match (201) and led her team to a well deserved win.  The bronze medal capped off a great experience for her as she has had so much fun meeting people from across the province and competing with her team!


Mr. Bowering Goes to Ottawa!


On behalf of Random Island Academy, we would like to congratulate John Bowering on a successful trip to Ottawa for the ‘Forum for Young Canadians’.  We hope you had a fantastic trip and we would like to thank you for representing us well!

We will let John explain his experience to you in his own words:

“This past week I’ve immersed myself in an excellent program that brought me to our country’s capital, Ottawa Ontario. I travelled to Ottawa as part of the “Forum For Young Canadians” program. This is a program for people who enjoy Canadian politics or who simply want to learn about Canadian politics and how the system works. I decided to go, even though I was nervous with the fact that I know absolutely NOTHING about politics. So I went and I had some of the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. I met LOADS of friends from all over the country. I got to travel to Parliament Hill and walk on the floor of the House Of Commons and the Senate meeting both of the speakers. I sat in Stephen Harper’s chair in the House Of Commons and later I also got to watch Question Period. We took the elevator to the top of the Peace Tower and got to see the most beautiful view of Ottawa and we took a tour of Rideau Hall. I had dinner with a St. John’s MP, Jack Harris, and all of the other Newfies on the trip! All these wonderful activities aside, on the way to this amazing experience, I got to watch Canada’s male hockey team win gold at the Olympics with at least a thousand other people in the middle of Toronto’s airport. I’ve never witnessed such true Canadian pride in person before, it was amazing.

Coming home from a short 5 day trip I had more than 40 friend requests on Facebook and counting, all from my friends I met at forum, and I was tagged in hundreds of photos. As nervous as I was coming to Ottawa, I had one of the best times in my life and I couldn’t ask for anything better. Just a small town Newfoundland boy sitting in the Prime Minister’s chair in Ottawa. It was such a great experience. I urge anybody that has the opportunity to take this trip to do it. The memories and knowledge you will take home with you is worth it.”

-John Bowering