Mr. Bowering Goes to Ottawa!


On behalf of Random Island Academy, we would like to congratulate John Bowering on a successful trip to Ottawa for the ‘Forum for Young Canadians’.  We hope you had a fantastic trip and we would like to thank you for representing us well!

We will let John explain his experience to you in his own words:

“This past week I’ve immersed myself in an excellent program that brought me to our country’s capital, Ottawa Ontario. I travelled to Ottawa as part of the “Forum For Young Canadians” program. This is a program for people who enjoy Canadian politics or who simply want to learn about Canadian politics and how the system works. I decided to go, even though I was nervous with the fact that I know absolutely NOTHING about politics. So I went and I had some of the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. I met LOADS of friends from all over the country. I got to travel to Parliament Hill and walk on the floor of the House Of Commons and the Senate meeting both of the speakers. I sat in Stephen Harper’s chair in the House Of Commons and later I also got to watch Question Period. We took the elevator to the top of the Peace Tower and got to see the most beautiful view of Ottawa and we took a tour of Rideau Hall. I had dinner with a St. John’s MP, Jack Harris, and all of the other Newfies on the trip! All these wonderful activities aside, on the way to this amazing experience, I got to watch Canada’s male hockey team win gold at the Olympics with at least a thousand other people in the middle of Toronto’s airport. I’ve never witnessed such true Canadian pride in person before, it was amazing.

Coming home from a short 5 day trip I had more than 40 friend requests on Facebook and counting, all from my friends I met at forum, and I was tagged in hundreds of photos. As nervous as I was coming to Ottawa, I had one of the best times in my life and I couldn’t ask for anything better. Just a small town Newfoundland boy sitting in the Prime Minister’s chair in Ottawa. It was such a great experience. I urge anybody that has the opportunity to take this trip to do it. The memories and knowledge you will take home with you is worth it.”

-John Bowering