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Special Games Track and Field

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This past Wednesday, RIA had 7 athletes representing us at the Special Games Track and Field event held in Bonavista.  Everyone had lots of fun and competed hard for our school!  We were very pleased to see all the ribbons on Thursday morning, but we were especially pleased to hear about how great a day it was.

Way to go Terri-Lynn, Amber, Kaitlyn, Emily, Damian, Hunter and Tyler!!!

Thank you to all the parents who journeyed to Bonavista on Wednesday, and a BIG thank you to our Special Services team for all your efforts put into this event. RIA is lucky to have such a great Special Services team and our students are especially lucky to have you working so hard for them!

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Lions Club District Elementry speak Off

Congratulations to Sabrina Martin and Jasmine Stanley on great speeches Monday night at the Clarenville Lion’s Club.  It was an extremely entertaining evening as all competitors presented quality speeches.  Both participants from RIA finished second at their grade level and represented Random Island Academy quite well.  We would like to thank all the parents for your support and all the the teachers for the time and effort put into helping these students prepare. We would especially like to thank the Lion’s clubs for their continued dedication to public speaking in our district!


RIA Well Represented at Regional Heritage Fair

Random Island Academy had a great showing at the regional Heritage Fair in Trinity last Thursday.  Students competed against 70 other projects from around the district.  Out of those 70 projects we had two award winners from RIA:

Sabrina Martin won an award for most outstanding interview.

Keisha Parrott won an award for excellent display of a theme.

We would like to congratulate all students who participated and represented our school so well.  Great work everyone!!!  And, a BIG thank you to Mr. Howse, your time and efforts are greatly appreciated!!

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Big Changes in the Gymnasium!

It was such a pleasure to walk in the gym last week and see over thirty children lined up for their turn on the new rock wall.  It is a physical activity that is new to RIA and it has the students from Kindergarten right on up through to the high school very excited.  We would very much like to thank Mr. Baker for all his time and hard work that was put into this initiative.  We were quite pleased when Mr. Baker got us a grant for a new archery net but it seems that it was only the tip of the iceberg!  WELL DONE!!!

This past Saturday we also had a new score clock installed in the gym.  Our old clock (and it was old) needed to be replaced as it was not working properly anymore.  the old clock has served us well but we are excited to get the new wireless score clock as it will be much more user friendly and allow us to set up score tables anywhere in the gym (no longer blocking the main door way hopefully).   This was a welcome change for our gym and it turned a lot of heads Monday morning!

rock wall      score board

The Home Stretch

We hope everyone had a great Victoria Day Weekend (or May 24 as we love to call it).  We had a nice relaxing sunshine filled weekend (we won’t mention Tuesday’s rain of course) and we are now ready for the home stretch.  Just some things to remember:

  • We would like parents to go to the link below and complete the school climate survey.  We need your input!
  • There are only 19 days of classes left for students in grades 7-12 before exams start.  Students should already be studying for exams!
  • Extra tutoring is available to students; they can see their teachers to arrange it.  Between our teachers and Lisa Blundell (TWEP program), there will be extra help for ANYONE, students just need to ask!
  • There will be pre-publics for many public exam courses such as English 3201 and World Geography 3202.  The dates for these will be released this week.

We here at RIA recommend you enjoy Wednesday…the rest are GREAT study days!!!

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