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New RIA Student Council!!!

RIA Student Council 2014-2015

Class Representatives:

Grade 7 – Keisha Parrott & Sabrina Martin
Grade 8 – Abby Blundell & Gabe Blundell
Grade 9 – Kaitlyn Walters & Naasson Lambert
Grade 10 – Emily Simmons & Gregory Hoskins
Grade 11 –  Candace Butt & Morgan Phillips
Grade 12 – Melanie Reid & Robin Baker

Student Council Executive:

Junior High President –  Jennifer Hart
Special Events Coordinator – Joanne Hart
Secretary –  Mikaila Green
Vice President –  Brianna Green
President – Brandon Wiseman

Congratulations to all elected representatives!!!

RIA Forms

There is a new page in the top menu called ‘RIA Forms‘.  This is where we will put any important forms that you may need to download throughout the year.  If you didn’t get any of the forms to start the year (student registration, volunteer information, RIA online, textbook agreement form) you are able to access them here!