Daily Archives: September 25, 2014

RIA Students See David Suzuki

You may know him from The Nature Of Things, or you may know him as a champion of the environment, but we all recognize him as a Canadian Icon.  Students from Random Island Academy were quite fortunate Wednesday evening to travel to St. John’s and see the start of David Suzuki’s Blue Dot Tour, his last national tour.  Dr. Suzuki has been listed as the most trusted Canadian as he speaks from the heart about issues that are important to him and vital to us all; as an eco-champion he has filled auditoriums expressing his concerns and imploring us to recognize the need for change.  Our students entered the theater last night with an already great admiration for this most trusted Canadian; but they left with these important ideas:

Urgency –  as the United Nations Environmental summit is taking place this September and the leaders of the world, such as the American President Barack Obama, are addressing the summit and expressing the need for urgency, Canada needs to step up and speed up our Environmental initiatives.

24/25 – Canada is currently ranked 24th out of the 25 most developed countries for its consideration for the environment; we are clearly lagging behind the rest of the modern world.

The Right to Clean Air, Water, and Food – People need to put pressure on governments to include the RIGHT to clean water, air, and food into the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  Right now its not a RIGHT to have these things (as ridiculous as it may sound to not have the right to clean air, water, and food).  It is up to us to put pressure on our governments to incorporate these laws into the Charter so then it would be illegal for corporations or governments to exploit people and the environment for commercial gain.

A Big Thank you goes out to Mrs. Rogers for organizing this trip and accompanying our students to St. John’s; along with coordinating the schools Green Team, who are responsible for all of our schools environmental initiatives!  And, thank you to Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Wiseman for also traveling with our students to this event!