education week

Monday, October 6th – Friday, October 10th

To celebrate this week, the Student Council has many fun and exciting events planned!!!
Date Dress up days Events

Monday, October 6th
Wacky Hair/Wacky Hat Day – Style your hair crazy, or dig out the wackiest hat you have!
Lunch: Bubble Gum Race (7-12)
Scavenger Hunt (7-12) will be passed out. Items to be searched for throughout the week, and returned on Friday.

Tuesday, October 7th
Twin Day – Find a partner in your homeroom and dress alike!
Lunch: Iron Guts (7-12)

Wednesday, October 8th
No School: Teacher PD Day
All events are rescheduled for Wed, Oct. 15th; See schedule below.

Thursday, October 9th
Duck Dynasty Day
Dress as your favourite character or best camouflage outfit. Lunch: Mario Kart Competition (7-12)
4-6: 6:00-7:30
7-12: 8:00-10:00
Cost: $3.00
Canteen services available.

Friday, October 10th
Survivor Day
Each class is assigned a team colour. See Chart below.
Hide & Seek (K-6 & 7-12)
Obstacle Course (7-12)

***Wednesday, October 15th
Wild, Wild, West Day
Dress in your best cowboy attire!
Lunch: Archery (7-12)

This year we are having a Survivor theme. On Monday each grade must choose a survivor team name and design a flag to put on their door. Each grade is assigned a specific team colour, and this colour can be worn on any day during the week. If someone does not have anything that suits a day, they can wear their team colour and still get counted for participation points. This is always a backup!

Survivor Team Colours (Grade/Colour)
K-2 Red 3 Green 4 Blue 5 Orange 6 Yellow 7 Red
8 Green 9 Blue 10 Orange 11 White 12 Yellow