Daily Archives: October 19, 2014

Fall Fair

Random Island Academy, in partnership with the PBLLC Recreation Association, will be hosting a fall fair at the school on Saturday, Nov. 22. If you are interested in booking a table, please call Sandy at the school or contact Penny Currie.

RIA Teams up with Random East Walking Group

Work is currently underway on a multi-sportsplex area behind our school. The Walking group partnered with the school to access a grant from Eastern Health which is being used to build a multi-sport green space on the grounds of the school. A big “THANK YOU!” goes out to Eastern Health, Random East Walking group members, and of course the many volunteers who have contributed to this project.

field work

RIA Student Council Hosts Jamarama Day for the Janeway!

Random Island Academy’s student council members have been busy once again. This time they took on Jamarama Day in support of the Children’s Wish Foundation. Students could make a $2.00 donation and wear their PJ’s to school. As part of the organization, students Katelyn Butt, Amber Hart, and Damian Marsh visited classes to let students know about the event. Congrats to all who took part and to those who donated!!

cn jama