Co-Curricular Activities at RIA and the Teachers that Make Them Possible

There are a lot of great co-curricular activities happening at RIA and we would like you to know about the great things that teachers and volunteers are doing with the students here at our school as an addition to our academic program. This list may be updated as new activities come up.  And a reminder…these are activities that teachers do as volunteers and for the students they teach.

Dennis Abbott – Mr. Abbott has once again agreed to take on the monumental task of Graduation. This annual event is a big one and takes countless hours of preparation. Mr. Abbott has already outfitted our grads with jackets/hoodies and the annual goods bingo is set for Thursday, Nov. 27.

Neil Baker – Mr. Baker may be second on this list (due to alphabetical reasons), but this jack of all trades is number one in terms of activities at RIA. Mr. Baker has already practiced and taken the Senior Boys Softball team to Regionals. He has also begun practices with his Senior Girls Basketball team, who are hosting Provincials at RIA this year! Mr. Baker is also the coach/teacher sponsor for Boys Ball Hockey, Cross-Country running, Table Tennis, and Indoor Soccer. And, as if he wasn’t busy enough, he has also taken on the Junior Boys Volleyball team this year. In his spare time Mr. Baker has been applying for grants and has been working hard to get the field and beach volleyball court completed behind our school (both are looking great!); he has also gotten grants for a new archery net (Easter Health Coalition – $500), new goalie gear and hockey sticks (Participaction – $500), an outdoor sports complex (Eastern Health Coalition- $9660), GPS for geocashing (Participaction/Coca Cola – $700). Geocashing GPS & supplies (Eastern Health Coalition – $1000). Way to go Mr. Baker!

Curt Blackmore – Mr. Blackmore is once again at the helm of our Drama Troupe at RIA. Preparing students for the Drama festival takes countless hours of planning and rehearsals. Mr. Blackmore is also taking an active role in our music program this year working with guitar groups, the girls’ choir and organizing coffee houses. He is also helping with Cross-Country running and helping everyone else wherever he can.

Jennifer Burke – Ms. Burke has jumped on board with the student council this year; it is great to have additional teachers helping with this program as it is something that takes place all year. There is a lot of planning and organization that goes into our student activities. She is also going to help with the Primary Snowshoe group this year.

Matthew Cook – Mr. Cook is continuing with his Senior Boys Volleyball team and the Senior Boys Basketball team. He has also taken on the Junior Boys Basketball team as teacher sponsor. This requires many afternoons of practices and many weekends given up for tournaments. Mr. Cook is also returning to the Senior Drama Troupe this year. Mr. Cook is very grateful to have Jordan Marsh and Jordan Cooper helping him coach the Senior Boys Volleyball team and Darren Avery to coach the Junior Boys basketball team and help with the Senior Boys Basketball Team. It is great to see his former athletes back in the building coaching teams!

Debbie Hiscock – Mrs. Hiscock is getting her Snowshoe group going again this year and will be getting some extra help in Mr. Baker’s network of trails this year. Let’s hope for some snow!

Vince Mulrooney – Mr. Mulrooney is new to the building but is anxious to get involved. He will be helping out with Basketball when the season gets underway and is looking to get table tennis off the ground real soon.

Deanne Rogers – Mrs. Rogers is once again co-coordinating our Green Team and we expect a lot of green activities from them this year. She has already organized a trip to St. John’s for our students to see David Suzuki on his Blue Dot Tour. Mrs. Rogers also co-ordinates our recycling program that allows a lot of extra money to go into our green team initiatives that improve our building.  She is also planning a trip for high school students to go see CONA and MUN in St. John’s and this trip will include various other fun activities.

Stephanie Smith – Mrs. Smith still has her Senior Girls Volleyball team that she works with for many hours each week and also gives many weekends to make sure they attend tournaments. Mrs. Smith also co-ordinates our student council and all of their great activities throughout the year. We have a lot of great activities such as spirit week and dances that really make student life better at RIA.

Katie Hansford & Fallon Parrott – Ms. Hansford and Ms. Parrott are not officially on staff, but you wouldn’t know it from the amount of time that they put into our building. They coach the Junior girls volleyball team again this year and this requires many hours for practice and tournaments. They were also teacher sponsors and assistant coaches for the Senior Girls Softball team that was coached by another former student, Kristina Hansford.  A big thank you to all three of you for giving your time and efforts to our building!

A lot of activities for students to get involved in at RIA: Drama, Guitar Club, Choir, Cross Country Running, Softball, Volleyball, Basketball, Table Tennis, Floor Hockey, Indoor Soccer, Snowshoeing, Student Council, & Green Team!