What A Fantastic Visit From The Marine Institute!


On Wednesday & Thursday of this past week, we were very fortunate to have the Marine Institute’s MI Ocean Net program visit the school. This program corresponds with the science curriculum outcomes through all grade levels and was a great educational experience for our students. Throughout the two days, students from K-12 built ROVs, learned about the ocean environment, and cleaned up a local beach. The 7-12 group was very fortunate to observe and learn about the green crab! This program was fully funded by the Marine Institute, and we will continue to work with them over the next few years to enhance the science curriculum in our school. RIA was the first school to host such an event. The students had a great day, and we are looking forward to more opportunities to work with them!  Thank you to Mrs. Smith for organizing this event and a BIG THANK YOU to Tiffany Martin of the Marine Institute for all her enthusiasm, energy, and hard work in giving our students a great two days!

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