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Fall Fair – November 22nd

Random Island Academy, in partnership with the PBLLC Recreation Association, will be hosting a fall fair at the school on Saturday, Nov. 22nd. Call Penny Currie or Sandy to book a table.

It would be greatly appreciated if parents would donate baked items, crafts, knitted items, preserves for our table at the Fair and/or send along a monetary donation to help offset canteen expenses. We thank you for your continued support and look for ward to any support you can give us for this fundraiser.

Student Council Children’s Playroom for the Fall Fair
The Student Council will be providing a playroom for parents & guardians to drop off their curious kids while they browse the Fair. The charge will only be $2.00 and all proceeds are in support of the Student Council initiatives. Children will be kept busy with story time, getting their face and nails painted, coloring, playing board games, movies and much more.

RIA College Tour 2014

IMG_1737  IMG_1758

Random Island Academy students from grades 10 – 12 had a fantastic trip to St. John’s last Tuesday and Wednesday.  Students were able to take tours of Memorial University and The Marine Institute and get a good indication of what college life would be like.  It was a great opportunity to allow students to learn about different programs that these schools offer and let them know that they have many choices to make in the years to come regrading post secondary education.

While Career Development students covered obvious curriculum outcomes while on the tours, we were also lucky to achieve English, Science, and Physical Education outcomes while on the  trip.  Students went on the haunted hike on Tuesday night and were treated to all the great stories of st. John’s past; it was a rainy night but students were lucky to have such a talented actor give them the tour and bring the stories to life (Steve O’Connell – most known for playing Sgt. Hood on The Republic of Doyle).  While on the tour of the Marine Institute, students were able to go into a ship simulator, tour a marine Aquaponics facility, go into a state of the art food production facility, take part in a chemistry lab, and experience a Biology Lab.  And, to end the trip the students really tired themselves out climbing and zip-lining at Axtion.  Students had a great time these two days and many of them called it “the best school trip ever!”

Thank you to the Marine Institute for some great hospitality!  And, thank you again to Tiffany Martin for your great work with our students!

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Mr. Abbott, Mr. Cook, Mrs. Rogers, and Mrs. Smith for taking the time and bringing these students on this overnight adventure.  A REALLY BIG THANK YOU goes to Mrs. Rogers for organizing everything for the trip!

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