Alumni Volleyball Match


(The games saw some great battles like this Brother vs Brother match-up)

Mr. Cook was pleased to have so many of his former players come in and play his Senior Boys Volleyball team on Wednesday night.  It was a great chance to hear about past glories and re-tell funny stories, and there were some really good games of volleyball.  The Senior Boys won the first game of the best of seven match with the Alumni winning the second.  There was a lot of talk on the Alumni side about winning the match but the Senior Boys came back and won three straight to win 4 games to 1.  They played another game which the Alumni won, so all in all, it ended with the Senior Boys winning 4 and the Alumni winning 2; although the Alumni did swear the results would be different the next time they played!

Thank you to coach Jordan Mash for helping organize the Alumni and thank you to Jordan Cooper (Assistant coach), Matt Latham, Anthony Marsh, Sheldon Marsh, Jon Stone, Ben Martin, Jordan Marsh, Darren Avery, and Justin Marsh for coming in to help the Senior Boys prepare for Provincials!

IMG_20141119_211652  IMG_20141119_210044