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Golden Crusaders

The Random Island Academy Senior Boys Volleyball Team
win the 2014-2015 School Sport 2A Provincials


Team members include:  Coach – Jordan Marsh, Tim Stone, Brandon Wiseman, Ethan Blundell, Aidan Collins, Coach – Matthew Cook,  Justin Palmer, Gregory Hoskins, Lucas Marsh, Curtis Vardy, and  Kyle Blundell

Random Island Academy won the School Sport 2A Volleyball Provincials which were hosted by Smallwood Academy in Gambo this past weekend. The Crusaders had a rough match to start the tournament losing to Cloud River Academy (Roddickton) 26-24, 25-11, but they re-grouped after that match and never lost another set in the tournament. They beat Cape John Collegiate (La Scie) 25 – 9, 25 – 9 and then defeated the host Smallwood Academy 25-22, 25-12 to secure a spot in the semi finals. In the Semi final match the Crusaders came out hitting and did a great job of shutting down a potent offense; they overpowered the first place team in Division B, Phoenix Academy (Carmenville) 25 – 13, 25 – 21, to earn a berth in the final. The gold medal game saw a re-match against Cloud River but it was a different Crusaders team this time; Our Boys played fantastic all of Saturday but they saved their best for the playoffs.

The Crusaders put up steady blocks and consistently ran 5 hitters to overcome the team from Roddickton.  Our Boys won 25-18, 25-23 to capture the gold medals and the 2A Provincial banner.  This is only the second School Sport Provincial MALE Volleyball Championship for Random Island Academy since the school open in 1973.  Our boys represented us very well indeed.

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Coach Matthew Cook was very proud of his boys; he explains that “they had a lot of pressure on them to win and it really showed in the first match but they worked hard and showed a lot of character bouncing back and not losing another set. They learned how to be champions this weekend and made their coaches extremely proud.”  He also states that “both myself and Coach Jordan Marsh were very pleased with the level of play we saw this weekend. This was our goal right from the first practice of the season and it was nice to see it come to fruition.  It was a great tournament and a great final against Cloud River, who are a very strong, and young team. We would also like to thank the host Smallwood Academy for welcoming us into their school and putting off a great tournament.”


Tim Stone was awarded the SSNL sportsmanship medal for the Crusaders.  It was also noted by the host school that our team were very polite and respectful and represented our school in a great way.

It was a great weekend of volleyball and a great experience.  It started with a night of team bowling, we had our own team banquet and we played some great volleyball.  Thank you to all of our parents and supporters who got us there, we couldn’t have done it without you.  And, A BIG THANK YOU goes out to coaches Mr. Matthew Cook and Mr. Jordan Marsh for their time and efforts with the boys.  This was Mr. Cook’s third SSNL 2A boys Provincial Title and the first for Jordan Marsh, although Jordan now holds the distinction of being the first and only person from RIA to win a 2A Provincial title as both a player and a coach!  The Senior boys team have been great this year and have brought a golden ending to their season…and It was a great season of volleyball!

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