Daily Archives: December 12, 2014

Mr. Baker Strikes Again!!!


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We will soon be skating on our own rink at RIA thanks largely to Mr. Baker and his Tech/Phys. Ed.classes.  We have seen Mr. Baker’s commitment to improving our school many times this year and he is showing no signs of slowing down.  Our outdoor basketball court will now be transformed to a skating rink for the winter and will allow or students and community to get active on the ice.  All we need now is cold temperatures!  Thank you Mr. Baker for showing the importance of hard work and ingenuity!!!!

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New Traditions…

A Big thank you to everyone who showed up for the inaugural tree lighting ceremony and Christmas movie night for the Wish Tree.  It was fantastic to see such a great response from our school community!  With cups full of hot chocolate we lit the community tree, a great symbol of our Christmas spirit here at RIA.  We also saw a nice example of Christmas spirit at our movie night as we had free admission but collected $206 in donations for our Wish Tree.

A special thank you goes out to Mrs. Smith and her student Council for such a great effort put into BOTH events this evening.  And, thank you to Mr. Cook and Mrs. Prince on organizing the movie night.

On a different note, Thank you to Mrs Smith, Mrs. Burke and the Student Council on hosting such a beautiful Christmas Ball Thursday night.  This semi-formal event saw a large number of students dress up and dance the night away (and eat lots of food of course).  Thank you to our teacher chaperones, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Burke, Mr. Blackmore, Mr. Mulrooney; it wouldn’t have happened without you!

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