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A Few Notes From the School…

Winter Clothing
Primary & Elementary students are asked to please bring along winter clothes as they will be going outside some days during lunch time. Please dress warm for the winter temperatures.

Hockey Helmets/Skates
Mr. Baker is looking for skates and hockey helmets for the Athletic Program at the school. If you have any that you don’t need anymore and would like to donate them please contact the school.

Just a reminder to parents and guardians to avail of the recycling initiative at the school – it’s a great way to help fund any school associated costs that you need to pay. Remember to inform the depot when you get there that you are donating to Random Island Academy (green team), and don’t forget to take your slip. Beer bottles can be returned, but there is no “match” on them.

Midterm Exam Information

Please be advised that Levels 1-3 students at Random Island Academy will have Mid-year exams during the week of January 26-30. In preparation for these exams, it is very important that parents and students be aware of the following information:

Preparing for exams: Mid-year exams make up a significant portion of the mark for the courses
involved. The exams are worth between 15 % and 20% of the year’s final grade. Equally as important is the fact that these exams will help to prepare students for final exams by reviewing approximately half of the years work, and providing practice for students in writing formal exams. It is imperative that students MUST take these exams as seriously as they take final exams. Failure to do so will result in the students having a lower mark going into their respective final exams reducing the chances of high achievement in their final grades.

Courses involved: Formal mid-year exams will be held in courses that have a public exam, or in level 1 and 2 courses that lead to a public exam in level 3. You will also note that regular Unit exams and other evaluation have been scheduled during this week for various other courses not on the public exam track. Students in these courses will be required to write these exams at the times scheduled. The exam schedule attached lists all courses that have mid-year exams as well
as other pieces of evaluation scheduled.

Schedule: During the week of January 26-30, Level 1-3 students will be required to be in
attendance only at the times that they are scheduled to write exams or complete other scheduled evaluation only. As students are expected to be able to study/prepare for exams at home on a regular basis, they will be permitted to leave school after their exams to study at home – students will not be required to be signed-out during this week. Our bussing schedule and policies involved will not change during the mid-year exam week – we can only provide transportation home for high school students at the normal time of 2:45 PM. Study rooms will be provided for students who remain in school. Students will not be permitted to roam the building/school grounds or otherwise disrupt the operations of the school, which will be in normal operation for students from Kindergarten to Grade 9.

Weather Closing: In the event that school is cancelled during a regularly scheduled exam the
following procedure for rescheduling exams will be followed:
– The rescheduled exam will be bumped and held in the next session that school is open.
– This will affect all exams scheduled that are left to write as all will be bumped by the number of sessions that school is closed. For example, if school is closed for one session (ie. One morning OR one afternoon) all exams will shift by one session. (For example, if school is closed on Monday morning, the exams scheduled for that time will be held on Monday afternoon, those scheduled for Monday afternoon will be held on Tuesday morning and so on for the remainder of exam period. Example 2 – If school is closed all day Tuesday, Tuesday morning’s exams will be held on Wednesday morning and Tuesday afternoon exams will be held on Wednesday afternoon, Wednesday’s exams will be held on Thursday and Thursday’s exams on Friday. If any exams have to be rescheduled from Friday, then the Monday of the following week will be used as an exam day. ANY EXCEPTIONS WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON VOCM 710, and schedule changes will be communicated through our Synervoice phone system.

Missed Exam: Mid-year exams are formal exams, and as such students must write the exam at the time scheduled. A student who misses such an exam will only be excused with a note explaining the reason for the absence.

Given the importance of these midyear exams, we strongly suggest to students that they take these exams seriously and put forth the best possible effort, seeking assistance from their teachers where necessary. We also urge parents to encourage their high school children to put forth a major effort in preparation for these exams. Failure to do so will make it much more difficult for students to be successful in achieving the best possible marks in their courses.

Important Note *FOR GRADES 10-12 ONLY!!*
During midterm exam week, all senior high courses (gr. 10-12) are suspended. Midterm exams are an important part of a student’s academic performance and as such, we will endeavor to assist students to perform better by providing a supervised study/work area throughout the day. Whereas there are no scheduled classes, and we appreciate the fact that many students may prefer to study in their own surroundings, students will be permitted to leave the school at their own discretion in order to study. Regular classes will resume Monday, February 2nd.

Random Island Academy Midterm Exam Schedule

Monday, January 26th

Morning (9:00 – 11:00):  English 1201, 1202, 2201, 2202, 3201, 3202

Afternoon (12:40 – 2:40): No Exams

Tuesday, January 27th

Morning (9:00 – 11:00):  Biology 3201

Afternoon (12:40 – 2:40):  Physics 3204 (CDLI), Science 1206

Wednesday, January 28th

Morning (9:00 – 11:00):  Math 1201, 2201, 2200, 3200, 3201, 3202, 1202

Afternoon (12:40 – 2:40): No Exams

Thursday, January 29th

Morning (9:00 – 11:00): Biology 2201 (CDLI), Chemistry 2202, Environmental Science 3205

Afternoon (12:40 – 2:40): World Geography 3202, 3200

Friday, January 30th

Morning (9:00 – 11:00): Physics 2204 (CDLI), Chemistry 3202

Afternoon (12:40 – 2:40): Math 3208 (CDLI)