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Science 1206 Selected for National Program!

Malaise Trap
Random Island Academy’s Science 1206 Class have been selected as one of 64 schools from both elementary and secondary schools across Canada to participate in the Spring 2015 School Malaise Trap Program!  Through hands-on research and inquiry based learning, the School Malaise Trap Program encourages students to become actively engaged citizen scientists – the data collected contributes to the International Barcode of Life project. Over 700 new species have been discovered since this project began!  From April 20- May 1, we will have a tent placed outside our building that will attact and collect insects of our local area.   People are welcome to look at the tent, but to keep this experiment and research valid we ask that you please do not disturb the set up.  We are looking forward to analyze the insects that we collect!


Visit this link to see other the other schools that are participating across the country! 


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Now that we have had time to digest the events of this past weekend and reflect, it is time to thank the people who made the SSNL Girls ‘A’ Basketball Provincials possible.

First and foremost we would like to thank our parent and community volunteers who did such great work in all areas; fantastic food in the canteen, setting up the banquet, great hospitality,  cheering for our team, and helping out everywhere they could.  We love to see our parents in our building and we really couldn’t pull off an event like this without them; they are a vital part of our school community.  THANK YOU ALL!!!

We also need to thank our student volunteers who worked tirelessly to prepare for the tournament.  During the tournament we had students score-keeping, running our live stream of games on-line, hosting teams (unlocking doors and bringing milk and oranges after every game), sweeping floors during and between games, selling tickets, and running errands all weekend.  We had over 40 student volunteers this past weekend and this showed both their school spirit and pride; volunteering can often be a thankless job,  but we wanted to make sure you here your school say THANK YOU!!!

We also need to thank our staff for all their work; Mr. Baker for convening (which is a HUGE job in itself) and coaching and Ms. Parrott for coaching, and both for their many hours preparing for this tournament; Mr. Cook for refereeing, scheduling teams and scorekeepers, organizing the skills competition, and updating our twitter and website, Mr. Mulrooney for refereeing, working on the skills competition,  and making sure the outside world could watch on our live stream.  Mr. Blackmore for his work with the opening ceremonies, medal presentations, and anywhere else he was asked to help.  And last, but certainly not least, we have to thank Sandy Wiseman for all her work, that can sometimes go unnoticed.  She went above and beyond as always and kept the office and school running  as many sought her help and advice on issues that had arisen.  We certainly couldn’t do it without you Sandy!!!

It was an amazing tournament that saw some great basketball action. We had teams from all across Newfoundland & Labrador and they got a taste of Random Island hospitality.  We have gotten positive feedback from teams experiences here at RIA and we have our Parents, students, staff, and community to thank for that.  THANK YOU ALL ONCE AGAIN!!!


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Girls ‘A’ Basketball Provincial Schedule & Results

Green Division                                                   White Division
1. Valmont Academy               (1-2)                    5. Stella Maris Academy    (0-3)
2. Belanger Memorial             (0-3)                    6. Bayside Academy           (2-1)
3. Viking Trail Academy          (2-1)                    7. Lakewood Academy       (3-0)
4. Random Island Academy   (3-0)                   8. St. Josephs Academy      (1-2)

3:30 5. Stella Maris Academy (21) vs 7. Lakewood Academy (65)
5:00 6. Bayside Academy (65) vs 8. St. Josephs Academy (48)
6:30 1. Valmont Academy (39) vs 4. Random Island Academy (41)
8:00 5. Stella Maris Academy (36) vs 8. St. Josephs Academy (56)

8:30 Coaches meeting
9:00 1. Valmont Academy (39)  vs 3. Viking Trail Academy (44)
10:30 Opening Ceremonies

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11:00 3. Viking Trail Academy (41) vs 4. Random Island Academy (46)
12:30 7. Lakewood Academy (62) vs 8. St. Josephs Academy (15)
2:00 5. Stella Maris Academy(51) vs 6. Bayside Academy(57)
3:30 1. Valmont Academy (41) vs 2. Belanger Memorial (40)

7:00 Banquet
8:00 Skills Competition

9:00 2. Belanger Memorial (29) vs 4. Random Island Academy (40)
10:30 6. Bayside Academy (39) vs 7. Lakewood Academy (64)
12:00 2. Belanger Memorial (29) vs 3. Viking Trail Academy (32)

1:30 1st A (Random Island Academy) (30 )vs 2nd in B (Bayside Academy) (31)
3:00 1st in B (Lakewood Academy)(79) vs 2nd A (Viking Trail Academy)(38)

4:30 Championship    Bayside Academy vs Lakewood Academy

*the Schedule has been updated due to team travel being affected by weather and road conditions.  We appreciate your patience and understanding with the changes.

RIA Hosting the SSNL A Girls Basketball Provincials


Random Island Academy will be hosting the School Sports NL ‘A’ Girls Basketball Provincials this weekend.  Games will begin at 2:00 on Thursday afternoon and will continue on untill Saturday Afternoon.  Teams that will be attending the tournament include Stella Maris Academy, Lakewood Academy, Valmont Academy, Viking Trail Academy, Belanger Memorial, Bayside Academy, St. Joesphs Academy, and your Random Island Academy Crusaders.  We look forward to a great weekend of Basketball and are excited to open our doors to teams across the Province as we host our first ever basketball provincials at RIA.  Opening cerimonies will start at 10:30 Friday Morning; please come out to support your home team and remember to wear green!

crusaders basketball