Another Successful Spring Concert

We had a wonderful night of music and dance at Random Island Academy last Thursday evening.   We saw performances from the Primary, Intermediate, and Girls Choirs, plus many duets and and even some dance routines.  It can be called a bittersweet evening as it displayed so much talent from our students, but it also displayed some of that talent for the last time for our Level III students.  We say farewell and good luck to Melanie Reid, Isabella Modesto, and Joanne Hart who all gave their swansong performances that evening.  It should also be mentioned that we have other students graduating, who although they didn’t perform at this concert, have appeared on our stages many times over the years and will perform again during our year end activities; they are Dylan Kelly, John Bowering, Brandon Wiseman, and Tim Stone.  we wish you all the best of luck in all your future endeavors in music and dance!

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