Remembrance Day 2015

We would really like to thank all the parents and community members for attending our Remembrance Day assembly today.  Mrs. Smith and our Student Council did a fantastic job in planning and delivering the service.  Thank you to Ms. Brianna Green for MCing the event; Thank you to the Rangers, Random Air Cadet Squadron and Boy Scouts & Girl Guides for your dedication;  thank you to Lions members Vera Smith, Bev Penney, and Jim Penney for attending and presenting the peace poster prizes; Thank you to Rev. Donna Hann for the opening Prayer; Thank you to Mr. Devin Kelly for laying the ceremonial wreath; Thank you to Ms. Power and your choirs and Glee club for the musical performances; Thank you to Ms. Jennifer Hart, Mr. Patrick Bowering, Mr. Cook, and Mr. Blackmore for your readings and remarks; and thank you to Legionnaire Dale Benson for representing the Royal Canadian Legion and all Veterans.

Please remember all those who have served tomorrow,

on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11 month…

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Thank you to Legionnaire Dale Benson for attending our service today.  As a veteran of the Canadian forces and someone who has completed multiple tours of duty we thank you for you service to our country!

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Thank you to the Random Lions Club representatives for attending today, Lion Vera Smith, Lion Bev Penney, and Random Lions Vice President Lion Jim Penney.  They presented the Peace Poster Winners for this year.  3rd place went to Sabrina Martin, 2nd place went to Keisha Parrott (photo not available) and 1st place went to Laci Fitzpatrick.  Thank you to everyone who completed a Peace Poster this year and good luck to Laci at the district competition!

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