Annual High School Trip to St. John’s

Last Tuesday and Wednesday grades 10-12 students from RIA travelled to St. John’s to take part in many fun and educational activities.  Students got the chance to return to Axtion for some Physical Education after a long evening bus ride.  students had a great time and them we relaxed at a movie for the rest of the night.

IMG_3122  IMG_3146


On  Wednesday we went for a nice breakfast at Cora’s and then went to test our problem solving skills at Break-out NL.  students had to use teamwork, logic, mathematics, science, and just about everything else in order to find their way out of their locked rooms.  It was a great experience for all!


after a quick lunch we headed to The Rooms and enjoyed a great tour from a friendly and informative staff.  The students learned a lot about our Province’s history and culture.  We were very pleased to hear from the staff that they enjoyed the time with our students as much as we enjoyed our tour!  Our school was informed that we were one of the best school groups they have ever had!  Way to go Crusaders!  You make us proud!!!


(View from the Room’s…who would have predicted a foggy day in the fog city?)

After The Rooms we headed to the Geo Center were students had the opportunity to see may exhibits and films about the creation of our Province and our Earth  We headed home just before supper with a bus load of very tired students; we packed so much into a short trip but it was a great experience for the High School students of RIA!

A BIG thank you to Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Smith, Mr. Abbott, and Mr. Cook for planing this trip and travelling with the students to St. John’s.  It’s a big undertaking but a very worthwhile one as well!!!