Education Week 2016

Teachers Change Lives Every Day!

Student Council has planned a full week of fun activities for this year’s Education Week!

Follow the schedule, and participate as much as you can!  The more involvement the more fun this week will be!

Day Dress Up Activity Other Activities
Monday,  Feb 22nd

(Dress up & activity for 7-12 will take place if ski trip is cancelled due to snow conditions)

School Colours

(Green & White)


Junk in the Trunk

Grade: 7-12

Ski Trip (7-12)
Tuesday, Feb 23rd

Role Reverse Day

What do you want to be when you grow up? Dress your homeroom teacher as a student/child!

Grade: K-12

*Bring in things to dress up your teachers!

Wednesday, Feb 24th

Anti-bullying Day

Pink Day Cookie Face

Grade: 7-12

Location: Main Lobby

Free Pink Treats

Anti-bullying Assembly at 12:45

Thursday, Feb 25th

Throw Back Thursday

Wear something from the past


Human Hungry Hungry Hippo

Grade: 7-12

Location: Gym

Grade 9 Students: Junior Achievement
Friday, Feb 26th

Favorite Famous Nerd Day

Dress as a famous nerd or your favorite subject   Period 4 & 5: (7-12)

Hide & Seek

Battle of the Brains