RIA shows Its Colours…And Yesterday…It Was Pink


We are very proud of our students here at Random Island Academy, but on days like Wednesday, it tends to go well beyond pride.  The amount of pink we saw and the messages presented were phenomenal!  We saw a fantastic performance by our Glee Group, that included many other of our talented drama and music students; we saw many of our students create posters  and signs displaying anti-bullying messages; we saw our student council make and deliver a  large amount of friendship bracelets and do a great job of promoting a very caring environment at RIA!  A BIG thank you goes out to Ms. Kia Power and her Glee Goup, Mrs. Smith and her Student Council who have been exceptional leaders in our school, and especially the students for embracing the message of the day.  Way to go Crusaders!!!  We look forward to seeing our entire school community at tonight’s (Thursday night) events…STAND UP RANDOM ISLAND!!!