Regional Festival Win For RIA…Provincial Festival Ahead

drama 1

The Random Island Academy won Best Overall Production at the Vista Regional Drama Festival in Trinity last Thursday.  It was a great experience for a fairly young cast.  With only 6 members returning from last years production of a Ghost Of A Chance the troupe quickly rebuilt and has established itself as a talented group of entertainers.  The Cast and crew included Patrick Bowering, Kiesha Kelly, Brianna Green, Gregory Hoskins, Ethan Blundell, Jennifer Hart, Devin Kelly, Sherridan Parrott, Abby Blundell, Sabrina Martin, Cody March, Keisha Parrott, Laci Fitzpatrick, Adrianna Martin, Ms. Kia Power, and Mr. Matthew Cook This years Production of Welcome To The Show has been well received and saw it earn 7 awards including:

Best Choreography – Jennifer Hart

Most Moving Performance – Devin Kelly

Best Supporting Actor – Patrick Bowering

Best Lighting – Gregory Hoskins

Best Lead Actress in a Comedy – Jennifer Hart

Best Exit – Ethan Blundell

Best Overall Production Random Island academy Drama Troupe

The troupe will be performing at the school before they leave for the festival so stay tuned for the date and time!  They leave for the Festival on Thursday and will experience  three days of the Provinces best plays and many exciting workshops. Congratulations everyone…you gave a fantastic performance and certainly deserve the honour of attending the Provincial Festival!!!

Check out the Festival story by the Packet:

Play synopsis:

Welcome To The Show…

A play by: Matthew Cook

Performed by: The Random Island Academy Drama Troupe

Welcome To The Show… exposes us to the inner workings of a disastrous children’s television show filmed in St. John’s NL.  Inspired by shows such as The Mickey Mouse Club or our own Skipper & Company, we see how cast and crew deal with the pressures of keeping a show on the air in the face of a shortage of both money and talent.  The Cod Fish Club aims to deliver music, laughter, and good old fashioned moral lessons, but tends to bring more ego than ethics.  In spite of all the antics, things tend to have a funny way of working out in the end…for some people anyway.

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