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Final Exam Schedule 2016

Random Island Academy

2015-16 Final Exam Schedule


May 31


June 13


June 14


June 15


June 16


June 17


June 20


June 21


June 22

AM Session English 1201

English 2201

English 3201




(40 Minutes each)

Soc. St. 7/8

Soc. St. 9

Math 1201

Physics 2204

English 3201/02

English 2201/02

English 1201/02




Math 3201

Math 2200

Math 2201

Math 1202/2202/3202


Science 1206

Science 2200

Science 7/8

Science 9

Chemistry 2202

Math 9

Math 7/8

Biology 2201



Physics 3204

PM Session     Env. Science 3205 Human Dyn.






Chemistry 3202


Canadian History 1201


Regional Heritage Fair

Congratulations to all students who represented Random Island Academy at the District Heritage Fair in Trinity last Wednesday.  All of our students had fantastic projects and had great presentations.   Along with the judging and interviews the day included a trip to the Garland House, a visit to the Forge to see how a piece of metal gets hammered into a beautiful key chain, and a presentation about World War 1.  While all of our students received medals for making it to the district competition, we did have one student who won an individual award; Faith Butt won the Heritage Canada Award of Merit.  Congratulations Faith, and Congrats to all of our students!  Thanks to all the parents for attending and getting the students to the fair, and thank you to Mr. Cook for travelling with the students to Trinity.


Random Island Academy’s Graduating Class Of 2016


This past Saturday night saw RIA transformed as the graduation class of 2016 presented their theme ‘Falling Into The Future’.  Our grade 12’s, along with friends and family spent many hours preparing for this night and it was a delightful evening.  Our Home & School association prepared a fantastic meal for everyone and we thank them for their hard work in preparing and serving such a fine meal.  We thank all the parents and volunteers for your efforts but this night could not have been possible without the work of Mr. Abbott and Mrs. Smith; thank you for your time and support of this class.  Our ‘potential’ graduates will now set their sights on their public exams and complete the real process of graduating.  Congratulations on presenting such a nice evening…you all looked great!

grad 1

Heritage Fair 2016

DSCN1665 DSCN1655


Congratulations to all of our students for presenting such great Heritage Fair projects this past Wednesday.  We were also very pleased to see so many community members dropping in to see the great efforts of our social Studies students.  Random Island Academy was very grateful for our judges who gave up their days to adjudicate the projects; they include Mr. Tim Stone, Mr. Jon Stone, Mr. Adam Smith, Mrs. Courtney Prince, Mrs. Daphne Ivany, and Mr. Jim Cook.   We would like to congratulate our Winners who will represent us at the District Heritage Fair in Trinity on May 18th.   They are:

Grade 4: 1st place – Cody Watton, 2nd place Tyler Verge

Grade 5: 1st place John Frye, 2nd place Jillian Pardy

Grade 6: 1st place Faith Butt, 2nd place Ryan Blundell

Grade 7: 1st place Jasmine Walters, 2nd place Laci Fitzpatrick

Grade 8: 1st place Keisha Parrott, 2nd place Sabrina Martin

Grade 9: 1st place Abby Blundell, 2nd place Kayla Watton

DSCN1653   DSCN1659 DSCN1660  DSCN1663 DSCN1664  DSCN1666 DSCN1672 DSCN1675 DSCN1676 DSCN1681 DSCN1689 DSCN1690


RIA’s ‘Welcome To The Show’ A Big Hit At Provincials!


Troupe members include:

Patrick Bowering, Keisha Kelly, Brianna Green, Gregory Hoskins, Ethan Blundell, Jennifer Hart, Devin Kelly, Sheridan Parrott, Abby Blundell, Sabrina Martin, Keisha Parrott, Cody March, Laci Fitzpatrick, Adrianna Martin, Ms. Kia Power, & Mr. Matthew Cook

Congratulations to the Random Island Academy Drama Troupe who traveled to Gander this past weekend to participate in the 40th annual Provincial Drama Festival. It was four days of workshops and productions from the top ten schools across the province.  Students were treated to workshops including character development, blood, gore, & guts, mortal combat, puppetry, shimmy shake, and animation.  Every evening was a night of theater as our troupe had the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the best dramatic student talent in the province.

On Saturday it was RIA’s turn to entertain the crowd and they did not disappoint.  ‘Welcome To The Show’, written and directed by our own Matthew Cook, had once again received a few tweaks, so even the many parents and friends who traveled to Gander to see the show were treated to a few new unexpected laughs.  Our troupe delivered a fantastic performance with great poise and projection that saw several ovations throughout the play and created a buzz in the J.R. Smallwood Arts and Culture Center afterwards.  Our veteran actors were OUTSTANDING  as they took every change Mr. Cook could through at them and they ran with it.  Our new actors showed their abilities and learned quickly delivering more polished performances throughout the year. The development in all our actors this year has been amazing! We also showcased our great musical talent through Brianna Green, Kiesha Parrott, Sheridan Parrott (and Sabrina Martin and Laci Fitzpatrick haha) and were the only show with live music and sound effects thank to the talents of Ethan Blundell.  We are extremely proud  of our students as they all did a great job!

The Festival was adjudicated by Newfoundlander Robert Chafe, an internationally known writer, Playwright, and Artistic Director.  During the awards ceremony RIA received a number of awards including  Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Patrick Bowering, Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy – Jennifer Hart, Best Original Script – Mr. Matthew Cook, Outstanding Excellence in Acting – Jennifer Hart.  Our Troupe also received much praise in our adjudication for our performance!

The Provincial Festival was extremely well put together as they had a host committee that was dedicated and supportive.  The Joseph R. Smallwood Arts and Culture Center staff and crew were second to none.  The technicians and stage managers were extremely helpful, supportive and kind to the students.  A festival like this doesn’t happen without these hard working people!

‘Welcome To The Show’ has received much Praise these past few weeks and a big thank you has to go out to our cast and crew for your hard work and dedication!  Thank you to Mr. Cook for your writing and direction and to Ms. Power for lending us your musical knowledge and abilities and working with the students.  Thank you both for your many hours and for travelling with the group this past weekend!  Thank you to all the parents for your support…we know that many of you have seen the show multiple times now and even traveled to Gander.  Thank you to Donna Butt and Rising Tide theater for all your help in preparation for Provincials, and thank you to all the staff and students of RIA for being so supportive, especially Mr. Blackmore and Sandy!