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Heritage Fair 2016

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Congratulations to all of our students for presenting such great Heritage Fair projects this past Wednesday.  We were also very pleased to see so many community members dropping in to see the great efforts of our social Studies students.  Random Island Academy was very grateful for our judges who gave up their days to adjudicate the projects; they include Mr. Tim Stone, Mr. Jon Stone, Mr. Adam Smith, Mrs. Courtney Prince, Mrs. Daphne Ivany, and Mr. Jim Cook.   We would like to congratulate our Winners who will represent us at the District Heritage Fair in Trinity on May 18th.   They are:

Grade 4: 1st place – Cody Watton, 2nd place Tyler Verge

Grade 5: 1st place John Frye, 2nd place Jillian Pardy

Grade 6: 1st place Faith Butt, 2nd place Ryan Blundell

Grade 7: 1st place Jasmine Walters, 2nd place Laci Fitzpatrick

Grade 8: 1st place Keisha Parrott, 2nd place Sabrina Martin

Grade 9: 1st place Abby Blundell, 2nd place Kayla Watton

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NL Studies – Cultural Exhibition

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During this Wednesday’s Heritage Fair the Newfoundland Studies Class presented their Exhibition for the school community.  They did a fantastic job of presenting multiple aspects of our cultural past.  Great work everyone!

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