What A Busy Week At RIA








We certainly had a busy week and a busy start to the school year.  On Tuesday we had our annual Terry Fox Walk to Breakfast.  We would like to thank our parent volunteers for preparing a fantastic breakfast and the Random Lions for your generosity, for  walking with us and serving that wonderful breakfast to us.  The Random Lions donated $250 to the breakfast program and $50 to our Terry Fox Donations.  We would also like to thank  Nickie Shanks for coming to RIA and representing the Kids Eat Smart Foundation.  It is a fantastic program and our students certainly benefit greatly from it.










We also had  a great time in Trinity This past Friday.  Our entire junior and senior high (7-12) went to see Rising Tide’s production of No Man’s Land  It was a memorable performance!  Our students always enjoy the sights and sounds of Trinity!  It was that last time for our Level III’s; they had a great day!


And of Course…there have been the Academics!!!

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