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Random Lions Speak-off 

RIA would like to thank the Random Lions Club for hosting our students at their annual Speak-off.  You are very supportive of our school and your ongoing efforts to promote public speaking with our young people is fantastic. 

It was a lovely evening that saw four of our students deliver outstanding speeches to an audience of Lions, family members, and friends. We are very proud of our students, Brianna Green, Taylor Martin, Jennifer Hart, and Kayla Watton, as they were definitely all winners. 

Although they were all winners, the judges had the difficult job of selecting an overall winner. The overall winner will go on to represent us at the Zone competition. This year’s winner was Jennifer Hart and the runner up was Brianna Green. A big congratulations to all speakers!

Winter Carnival

What a Day at…


We built Snowmen…

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We had some great races and contests…

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And we had a nice boil up…

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EDUCATION WEEK February 13-17, 2017


Day of The Week

Dress Up (K-12) Activity
Monday Movie Star Day

  • Dress up as  your favorite movie/show character or celebrity.
Guess Who!

  • 7-12: Will take place 2nd half of lunch.
    • One member from each homeroom to participate.

100th Day of School Activity

  • K-12
Tuesday Twin Day Valentines from the Student Council!

  • K-12

Games Day

  • K-6: 11:15-12.:05
  • Parents Welcome
  • Memo already sent home on this event.

NLTA Janeway Day

  • We graciously ask that you bring the equivalent of your recess money for this cause!  Any donations accepted!
Wednesday Wacky Hair Day Hungry Hungry Hippos!

  • 7-12: Will take place 2nd half of lunch.
Thursday Throwback Thursday Throwback Trivia!

  • K-12
Friday Winter Carnival Day Winter Carnival Day

  • K-12: Activities all day!
  • Details to come!!


FEBRUARY 22, 2017

Elementary (Gr. 3-6):         Time: 6:00-8:00  Cost:$5.00  

Junior High/High School:     Time: 8:30-10:30  Cost:$10.00

All FOOD and DRINKS INCLUDED!  (No Canteen Service)