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Vegetable and Fruit Public Awareness Campaign

Dear Parent,

Please click the link below to participate in this survey and enter to win a gift basket full of vegetable and fruit giveaways (cutting boards, can opener, knives, salad spinner, lunch bags, apron, bag clips and a grocery gift card).

Eastern Health launched a Vegetable and Fruit Public Awareness Campaign targeted to parents and caregivers of children aged 5-13 years. This campaign helps address the barriers to eating vegetables and fruit such as cost, availability and time for preparation.

We appreciate you taking the time to complete this short survey (before April 14) to help evaluate our campaign. It should only take 5-10 minutes to complete.




School Milk Foundation Contest

School Milk Foundation Contest

Prizes:      (a)    There  is one prize (Macbook Air) available to be won per challenge.

(b)    Odds of winning a prize in the contest will depend upon the number of eligible entries received during the contest period.

(c)    Prizes are awarded by random draw from entries received. Deadline for entries April 30th.

Eligibility:  You must be a student, parent of a student, teacher and or staff member within Newfoundland & Labrador English School District.  

If you would like further information on this contest please contact the school or check out the poster with details outside main office.

Jennifer Hart Wins Regional Speak-Off

A HUGE congratulations goes to Jennifer Hart for winning the Lion’s Regional Speak-Off last Friday in Port Rexton.  Jennifer now gets the opportunity to go to the Provincial competition this Saturday in Gander.  It is the first time a speaker from Random Island has earned the chance to go to Provincials…we are very proud of her!

Great Drama Festival For RIA


RIA had a great Drama Festival in Clarenville this past week.  They performed their play ‘6 Cups’ and they nailed it!  It was an all around fantastic show for our Drama Troupe who felt great about their performance.  The show earned many awards including Best Light Design & Lighting for Cody King.  Acting awards for Jennifer Hart, Devin Kelly, Gregory Hoskins, and Keisha Kelly.  Keisha Kelly also won an award for ‘Extraordinary Acting’.  Mr. cook was very proud of all of his troupe for all their efforts in preparation and for putting on a great show!  Way to go everyone!

A letter From Our Principal

Mr. Curt Blackmore wrote this letter to the Packet and it expresses how we all feel about this fabulous school community!


Dear Editor,

Please allow me space in your publication to, once again, offer sincere acknowledgement and thanks to the parent community and Student Council of Random Island Academy. February 12th-18th was designated as both “Teacher Appreciation Week” and “Education Week” in our province. While the weather did not exactly cooperate, the parent and student bodies of our little school nonetheless planned a tremendous week. The Home and School Association for Random Island Academy once again showed appreciation to our teachers and support staff as each day last week parents provided trays of snacks and cookies for the staff room culminating with a hot turkey dinner provided for staff this past Friday. In my short tenure as Principal of Random Island Academy, I can easily attest to the commitment and support of our Home and School Association. It has been influential in many initiatives at our school including the purchase of new blinds for all of the classrooms, helping to fund a much needed kitchen renovation, and the future financial support of acoustic sound treatment for the school’s gymnasium. In addition, the Student Council of our school planned many themed and participatory events throughout the week with the big event being an all-day outside winter carnival. The leadership, participation, and camaraderie showed by our student body during this event was certainly noteworthy and something to be congratulated. To say the least, we appreciate the efforts put forth by these two groups within our learning community. In order for a small, rural school such as ours to thrive, I believe it is important that all the stakeholders in the learning community pull on the same oar. It is through healthy partnerships amongst all the stakeholders that this becomes possible. I believe the care and thoughtfulness expressed by our parents and students last week speaks to strong partnerships at Random Island Academy – partnerships built on the foundation of mutual respect of which I am very proud and thankful.

Sincerely yours,

Curt Blackmore
Random Island Academy


Senior Boys Basketball


The Senior Boys Basketball team will be heading to Provincials at St. Mary’s (Dunne Memorial Academy) next week after capturing the Regional Banner with a win over St. Mark’s.  The Crusaders defeated the Lions to capture the SSNL Avalon West ‘A’ Boys Basketball Regional title.   We would like to thank Mr. Glen O’Driscoll and the boys from St. Mark’s for coming up and competing!  The boys have had a pretty good season thus far as they have previously captured the tier III banner at the Cougar Classic in Clarenville early this winter.  We look forward to seeing them represent us at the Provincials next week.  Go Crusaders!!!c5ycm9jwmaa5tvgc2lkb9jwgaa4w7m

basketball logo

Some Great Times At RIA

We have had a busy few weeks and had a lot of great activities at RIA.  We had some bad weather but finally got our Education Week(s) complete, we have had our grade 9’s represent us in St. John’s at the How To Save A Life game show, we had a nice family literacy day, we had a great showing at the Table Tennis Regionals,  we had a great Senior Lion’s Speak-off, we had a great Regional Basketball game at our school, we have and active after school program and Primary snowshoe club, we had a fantastic pancake day lunch and we have been very busy with, of course, ACADEMICS.  Way to go Crusaders and all our volunteers!!!

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