A letter From Our Principal

Mr. Curt Blackmore wrote this letter to the Packet and it expresses how we all feel about this fabulous school community!


Dear Editor,

Please allow me space in your publication to, once again, offer sincere acknowledgement and thanks to the parent community and Student Council of Random Island Academy. February 12th-18th was designated as both “Teacher Appreciation Week” and “Education Week” in our province. While the weather did not exactly cooperate, the parent and student bodies of our little school nonetheless planned a tremendous week. The Home and School Association for Random Island Academy once again showed appreciation to our teachers and support staff as each day last week parents provided trays of snacks and cookies for the staff room culminating with a hot turkey dinner provided for staff this past Friday. In my short tenure as Principal of Random Island Academy, I can easily attest to the commitment and support of our Home and School Association. It has been influential in many initiatives at our school including the purchase of new blinds for all of the classrooms, helping to fund a much needed kitchen renovation, and the future financial support of acoustic sound treatment for the school’s gymnasium. In addition, the Student Council of our school planned many themed and participatory events throughout the week with the big event being an all-day outside winter carnival. The leadership, participation, and camaraderie showed by our student body during this event was certainly noteworthy and something to be congratulated. To say the least, we appreciate the efforts put forth by these two groups within our learning community. In order for a small, rural school such as ours to thrive, I believe it is important that all the stakeholders in the learning community pull on the same oar. It is through healthy partnerships amongst all the stakeholders that this becomes possible. I believe the care and thoughtfulness expressed by our parents and students last week speaks to strong partnerships at Random Island Academy – partnerships built on the foundation of mutual respect of which I am very proud and thankful.

Sincerely yours,

Curt Blackmore
Random Island Academy