Daily Archives: October 1, 2017

Invictus 2017 Comes To An End, But The Inspiration Will Remain!

As the Invictus Games comes to an end in Toronto we are left inspired  We are also extremely proud of Melissa Smith as she finishes up the games with a Silver medal and was also selected to be Team Canada’s flag bearer in the closing ceremonies; this was a great honour and one which allowed Melissa to receive the Invictus Medallion for her team and  shake hands with the Patron of the Games, Prince Harry.

Melissa has traveled a long road since she left Random Island Academy and we hope this Invictus experience was truly a fantastic one for her.  We were so proud to see her compete on an international stage, and we were extremely proud to hear the words ‘Random Island’ & ‘Elliott’s Cove’ uttered so much on National Television! Watching you capture a Silver Medal and walk in with our country’s flag during the closing ceremonies has been an inspiration; our students have learned so much from watching these games and watching you…Thank You!