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School Development – Family Survey 2017-2018

We would greatly appreciate it if people could take the time to complete this survey as it provides us with valuable information in our school development.  We thank you in advance!

The deadline for completion is May 16th

Please follow the link below:

School Development – Family Survey 2017-2018

RIA Well Represented At Kiwanis Music Festival

What a festival it was for Keisha Parrott, Emma Rogers, Raine Rogers, and our Elementry Choir!!!  It was 10 days of beautiful performances and each of our performers were called back to the Highlights concerts on Tuesday and Wednesday!  Random Island Academy is so proud of these students as they represented us so magnificently!

Our students pick up many first-place finishes throughout the festival but received their highest honours at the awards ceremony.  Our Elementry Choir under the direction of Ms Matthews,  was awarded an Adjudicator’s Discretionary Award for their wonderful performance.  Raine Rogers won the ‘Best Family Award’ and an award for Piano 9 and under Group A.  Emma Rogers won the ‘Anne Quinton-Avery Baroque Award’ and an award for Piano 12 and under Group A.  Keisha Parrot had an outstanding festival picking up five awards: The ‘Victoria Best Memorial Award’; The ‘Canadian Composition’ Award; The ‘Songs of NL’ Award; the ‘Mills, Pittman & Twyne Folk & Traditional Music Award’;  and the ‘Burin Peninsula Arts Council Award’.  Keisha’s voice teacher was Ms Matthews, who accompanied her on some of her performances.

Congratulations to you all…you were outstanding!!!


2017-2018 Heritage Fair At RIA

Congratulations to all of our Heritage Fair participants this year; your projects were well thought out and presented!  We were very pleased with this years fair and were so happy to see so many school community members come in and see the great work of our students.  We are also very pleased with the fantastic projects that will represent our school at the Regional Heritage Fair in Trinity.  The following students were selected as our representatives: Laci Fitzpatrick; Hillary Ivany; Abby Simmonds; Rebecca Martin; Jake Baker; Tyler Verge; Cody Watton; Emma Rogers; Lana Pitcher; Haley Vokey; Thomas Clenche.  Congratulations to all of you!

We would also like to thank our judges who were gracious enough to take thier time and volunteer to come in and help.  We had a nice mix of school community members this year; Lions Club members, Fire Department members, parents, alumni, and of course our former teachers, who we love to see back in our building!  A big thank you goes out to Marilyn Rogers; Melanie Pitcher; Geraldine Patey; Vera Smith; Emily Simmons; Brianna Green; Sheri Martin; Josh King; Lloyd Phillips; Bill March; Paulette Porter; Pearl Martin.

We would also like to thank our social Studies Teachers, Mr. Greening, Ms Locke, Ms Smith, and Mr Cook, for working with their students and we would especially like to thank Ms Locke for spearheading and coordinating this project for our school.   Thanks again to all involved!!!

RIA Basketball House League Champions 2017-2018: Celtics (Senior Boys)

Congratulations to our Senior Boys Basketball team who learned to win when it counted and stunned all of our alumni teams to win our school’s house league this year!  After starting 0-16 they went 4-0 beating all other teams (and the first place team twice) to complete the Cinderella story; the boys left it all on the court and left a bunch of cranky men in disbelief!!!  Way to go guys…got to keep the alumni grounded after all!!!

Arts Smarts At RIA

Arts Smarts Showcase

We were very lucky to have our visiting artist, Mr Rory Lambert, come and work with our students again for the second of this two-week program.  They learned many important skills and developed a great deal in a short time.  On Friday, April 13th our students in grades 7-12 presented their showcase of scenes from many famous Newfoundland plays and they were quite impressive!  students performed scenes from plays including:  Michael Cook’s ‘The Fisherman’s Revenge’, Codco’s ‘Outport Taxi’, Kevin Major’s ‘No Man’s Land’, Al Pittman’s ‘West Moon’, Rhonda Payne’s ‘Stars in the Sky Morning‘, Robert Chafe’s ‘Tempting Providence‘, Berni Stapleton’s ‘Play Me Home‘, and Rising Tide Theater’s ‘The New Founde Land Pageant’.

Not only did our student learn about the dramatic arts, they also learned the various jobs involved with putting off a production.  Even our students who did not wish to have roles on the stage still found important jobs in terms of lights (Naasson Lambert), sound (Luke Monk), videography (Emma Blackmore), and set design and props.   Our design fabrication class did a great job on our tombstones for Westmoon!

We had a fantastic crowd come out to see our show and we hope you all had a great evening of drama as are very proud of what we accomplished.  We certainly appreciate the support!!!  We need to thank Rory for coming out and working with our students as he has done some amazing things with them and really gave our students a great experience.  We would also like to thank Mr Cook for all his efforts in implementing this Program and working with the students as well.  We would be remiss if we didn’t thank our office (Mr Mulrooney, Mr Balckmore, and Mrs Freeman) and our entire staff for their support and patience. And of course…none of this would be possible without the Newfoundland & Labrador Arts Council.  this grant has provided an amazing opportunity to our students.  Thank you so much.