Arts Smarts At RIA

Arts Smarts Showcase

We were very lucky to have our visiting artist, Mr Rory Lambert, come and work with our students again for the second of this two-week program.  They learned many important skills and developed a great deal in a short time.  On Friday, April 13th our students in grades 7-12 presented their showcase of scenes from many famous Newfoundland plays and they were quite impressive!  students performed scenes from plays including:  Michael Cook’s ‘The Fisherman’s Revenge’, Codco’s ‘Outport Taxi’, Kevin Major’s ‘No Man’s Land’, Al Pittman’s ‘West Moon’, Rhonda Payne’s ‘Stars in the Sky Morning‘, Robert Chafe’s ‘Tempting Providence‘, Berni Stapleton’s ‘Play Me Home‘, and Rising Tide Theater’s ‘The New Founde Land Pageant’.

Not only did our student learn about the dramatic arts, they also learned the various jobs involved with putting off a production.  Even our students who did not wish to have roles on the stage still found important jobs in terms of lights (Naasson Lambert), sound (Luke Monk), videography (Emma Blackmore), and set design and props.   Our design fabrication class did a great job on our tombstones for Westmoon!

We had a fantastic crowd come out to see our show and we hope you all had a great evening of drama as are very proud of what we accomplished.  We certainly appreciate the support!!!  We need to thank Rory for coming out and working with our students as he has done some amazing things with them and really gave our students a great experience.  We would also like to thank Mr Cook for all his efforts in implementing this Program and working with the students as well.  We would be remiss if we didn’t thank our office (Mr Mulrooney, Mr Balckmore, and Mrs Freeman) and our entire staff for their support and patience. And of course…none of this would be possible without the Newfoundland & Labrador Arts Council.  this grant has provided an amazing opportunity to our students.  Thank you so much.