2017-2018 Heritage Fair At RIA

Congratulations to all of our Heritage Fair participants this year; your projects were well thought out and presented!  We were very pleased with this years fair and were so happy to see so many school community members come in and see the great work of our students.  We are also very pleased with the fantastic projects that will represent our school at the Regional Heritage Fair in Trinity.  The following students were selected as our representatives: Laci Fitzpatrick; Hillary Ivany; Abby Simmonds; Rebecca Martin; Jake Baker; Tyler Verge; Cody Watton; Emma Rogers; Lana Pitcher; Haley Vokey; Thomas Clenche.  Congratulations to all of you!

We would also like to thank our judges who were gracious enough to take thier time and volunteer to come in and help.  We had a nice mix of school community members this year; Lions Club members, Fire Department members, parents, alumni, and of course our former teachers, who we love to see back in our building!  A big thank you goes out to Marilyn Rogers; Melanie Pitcher; Geraldine Patey; Vera Smith; Emily Simmons; Brianna Green; Sheri Martin; Josh King; Lloyd Phillips; Bill March; Paulette Porter; Pearl Martin.

We would also like to thank our social Studies Teachers, Mr. Greening, Ms Locke, Ms Smith, and Mr Cook, for working with their students and we would especially like to thank Ms Locke for spearheading and coordinating this project for our school.   Thanks again to all involved!!!