Provincial Drama Festival 2018

The cast and crew of ‘Spindrift Swirl‘ had an amazing time at this year’s Provincial Drama Festival, which was hosted in Clarenville at the EEC.   Our students put on a fantastic show on Thursday night getting a great reaction from the crowd!  Our Troupe really came to life on stage and treated everyone with an updated version of the play.  The play, written and directed by Mr Cook, was well received as it depicted a possible future where women rule and men are but legends of the past.  That is until men show up on the shores and chaos ensues.  Our students were all amazing; every single actor, our lights and our sound!  As Mr Cook always says…they were pros!  We know he was extremely proud of all of them, as are we all here at RIA!

Troupe members include: Jennifer Hart, Abby Blundell, Sawyer Collins, Devin Kelly, Cody King, Peter Martin, Sheridan Parrott, Kayla Watton, Matthew Drodge, Keisha Parrott, Sabrina Martin, Blade Greening, Laci Fitzpatrick, & Adrianna Martin. They were accompanied by Matthew Cook & Courtney Prince and we extend our thanks to them for there efforts in preparing for and chaperoning this event!

On Friday and Saturday, our students took part in workshops such as stage fighting, clowning, storytelling, pacing and production, belly dancing, and status.  And, in the evenings they took in more performances as we were all treated to 3 days of outstanding shows!

RIA received awards for the following: Award for ‘Stunts’, received by Kayla Watton as she allowed herself to be thrown off the stage; Award for ‘Hair’, received by Jennifer Hart on behalf of the Troupe; Award for ‘Acting’ received by Devin Kelly as he believed a fabulous performance; And an award for original script presented to Mr Matthew Cook.