RIA Goes to Brother Brennan

Our Elementry students went on an overnight trip to the Brother Brennan camp last week (May 30-31).  The camp, located on the Salmonier Line, offered our students many amazing educational experiences as they had the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature.  Activities included:

– Learning about food wastage and the importance of only taking what you need

– Making shelters from rope, tarps and sticks (wilderness survival)

– Playing Hug-a-TreeCamouflage and Sardines

– Learning about and engaging in orienteering

– Becoming “Skull Detectives” and examined skulls of different animals

– Making homemade paper from recycled paper scraps

– Learning to identify different plants and made “Plant Identification Booklets”

– Having a campfire, telling stories and learning about the Fairies of NL

We have to thank Mr Greg Greening and Mrs Michelle Locke for organizing and taking the students on this fantastic trip.  We also know how much you put into fundraising for this event to give our students this experience.  Thank you both so much for your efforts!!!