Updated Information for Parents/Guardians Regarding School Closure

A Message from Mr. Blackmore:

Good evening once again parents, guardians, and students.  By now thanks to social media, many of you are aware that last evening the school district launched a plan for students and parents to visit schools in order to pick up learning materials and personal property which has since been rescinded. To promote the social distancing advocated by the chief medical officer the school district released a memo today outlining that all public schools will remain closed to parents and students – there will be no bus runs tomorrow morning for students, nor pick up by parents in the afternoon.

As the protocols surrounding the covid-19 virus continue to evolve, we understand that there are many questions and concerns you will have – in particular for our grade 12 students. Please understand that we do not yet have the answers to many of your questions as new information keeps changing the landscape of what we think we know. Our last correspondence from the district informed us that by next Friday, March 27th there will be plans put in place for students to receive property and or learning materials. If parents need to pick up medical prescriptions or supplies, they are asked to please make contact with myself or Mr. Mulrooney. Community use of schools continues to be suspended as well as scheduled meetings such as school council and parent-teacher conferences as well as all extra-curricular activities.

This week, report cards were to be sent home on Friday – our K-6 reports are almost ready for dispersal and we will communicate how and when they will be dispersed, but our high school reports we are going to slightly delay. We currently have high school students – particularly in senior high school courses – who have failing grades due to unsubmitted work. With the uncertainty regarding the continuation of the school year, I implore high school students to use google classroom or make contact with your teachers through email to rectify your failing grades as soon as possible. To say the least, all of this uncertainty is stressful – but again we beg your patience and pledge that we will do what we can for our students. For now, we ask that in light of the measures being taken to contain this virus throughout our province and the world that everyone heeds the suggestions regarding Covid-19 – in particular when it comes to social distancing, hygiene, and self-isolation for people who have traveled abroad. We will share more information as it becomes available. Have a great evening.