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RIA Newsletter, October 16th

Memo on Halloween activities for all students K-12 is below:
Drop Off/Pick Up:
When dropping off or picking up children please park in the parking lot and then proceed to the appropriate entrance/exit.  There are to be no vehicles on the sides of the building (primary & highschool entrance) dropping off/picking up children.
Parking Lot Flow:
In the newsletter that was sent out last Friday (Oct 9th), we indicated that we are going to one direction flow in our parking lot.  See the diagram below:
School Pictures:
Pictures will be going ahead!!!  They are scheduled for November 5.  More details will be forwarded as we receive them.
Jamarama Day @ RIA
Students should wear their Pyjamas on Friday, October 23rd!
We have had a number of calls regarding vegetable hampers and cookie dough orders.  Such fundraisers are suspended at this time.
We cannot stress enough the importance of adhering to public health guidelines to ensure the greatest safety and health of our students is maintained.  In saying this, we recognize that students have the potential to miss more time than normal.   Please communicate, by either email or phone, with the homeroom teacher and school administration any absences that occur.  Schoolwork will be communicated in agendas, google classroom, or through email depending on grade level and the nature of the homework.