Daily Archives: March 22, 2021

Parent Teacher Interviews & Parent Surveys

Parent Teacher Interviews:

Parent teacher interviews will go ahead on March 25th with two options. By phone or virtual video conferencing via Google Meet.

For virtual video conferencing appointments a link to join the conference will be emailed out directly to you by the teacher prior to March 25th.

Please book appointments at the following link: ria.schoolappointments.com  

See HERE for parent login information.

If you are choosing a phone call appointment please make sure you have the phone number you wish us to call entered into the booking system.

Booking is open from now to March 24th.
School Development Surveys

It’s that time of year again where the department of education collects survey data from all of the K-12 system schools in the province. They are asking if once again, if one parent/guardian from each household would complete a survey for our school’s data collection purposes. The survey link closes on April 23/21.

Here is the link for the parent/family survey: