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September Was A Great Month At RIA

There were a lot of great things happening in our classrooms during the month of September!  Here are just a few:

Grade 1 Sight Word Practice!


Grade 6 Archeological Dig!

Social Studies 2201 ‘Cave Paintings’

Grade 4 / 5 Science class creating their own sedimentary rock!

Drama 2206 Getting used to some ‘Warm-up Games’

Grad’s Goods Bingo a Huge Success

We can not thank our school community enough for their support.  To all our sponsors, we want to again thank you for your generosity; your donations will help us do great things in our school!

We had a great turnout last night and it is always so nice to see so many people come out and support us.  You played bingo, bought tickets, bought baked goods, and supported our canteen…our school community is. the. best.  

Our graduates did an amazing job of preparing for and working our bingo last night.  Canvassing for prizes, gathering of supplies, making signs, setting up tables and chairs, selling tickets, selling bars and chips…you are an awesome class! Your hard work and dedication will allow us to fund our Prom, our Cap & Gown Graduation Ceremony / Awards Night, and allow us to give back to our school in the form of a legacy gift.  Amazing group of individuals!

We would also like to thank Mr. Cook, Ms. Smith, Mr. Mulrooney, and Mr. Blackmore for all your efforts in this night.  There is a lot of work that goes into a night like this and your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed.  Thank you!


Regional Heritage Fair In Trinity

On Wednesday, 10 students from Random Island Academy attended the Regional Heritage Fair in, the beautiful and historic, Trinity.  We were very proud of our students as they represented our school quite well with their wonderful projects.  When not presenting, students had a great time as they had the chance to make toutons with local chef Chris Sheppard, and they had the opportunity to visit the Green Family Forge and watch a blacksmith at work!  We would like to extend our congratulations to Emma Rogers who won the ‘WW100 Commemoration Program Award’ yesterday at the Regional Heritage Fair in Trinity!  we would also like to thank Ms Locke for coordinating and chaperoning this event; your efforts are greatly appreciated!

Students who won the opportunity to attend the fair included: Jasmine Walters, Hillary Ivany, Rebecca Martin, Jake Baker, Cody Watton, Tyler Verge, Emma Rogers, Lana Pitcher, Hayley Vokey, Thomas Clenche.  Well done everyone!!!

Provincial Drama Festival 2018

The cast and crew of ‘Spindrift Swirl‘ had an amazing time at this year’s Provincial Drama Festival, which was hosted in Clarenville at the EEC.   Our students put on a fantastic show on Thursday night getting a great reaction from the crowd!  Our Troupe really came to life on stage and treated everyone with an updated version of the play.  The play, written and directed by Mr Cook, was well received as it depicted a possible future where women rule and men are but legends of the past.  That is until men show up on the shores and chaos ensues.  Our students were all amazing; every single actor, our lights and our sound!  As Mr Cook always says…they were pros!  We know he was extremely proud of all of them, as are we all here at RIA!

Troupe members include: Jennifer Hart, Abby Blundell, Sawyer Collins, Devin Kelly, Cody King, Peter Martin, Sheridan Parrott, Kayla Watton, Matthew Drodge, Keisha Parrott, Sabrina Martin, Blade Greening, Laci Fitzpatrick, & Adrianna Martin. They were accompanied by Matthew Cook & Courtney Prince and we extend our thanks to them for there efforts in preparing for and chaperoning this event!

On Friday and Saturday, our students took part in workshops such as stage fighting, clowning, storytelling, pacing and production, belly dancing, and status.  And, in the evenings they took in more performances as we were all treated to 3 days of outstanding shows!

RIA received awards for the following: Award for ‘Stunts’, received by Kayla Watton as she allowed herself to be thrown off the stage; Award for ‘Hair’, received by Jennifer Hart on behalf of the Troupe; Award for ‘Acting’ received by Devin Kelly as he believed a fabulous performance; And an award for original script presented to Mr Matthew Cook.


Arts Smarts At RIA

Arts Smarts Showcase

We were very lucky to have our visiting artist, Mr Rory Lambert, come and work with our students again for the second of this two-week program.  They learned many important skills and developed a great deal in a short time.  On Friday, April 13th our students in grades 7-12 presented their showcase of scenes from many famous Newfoundland plays and they were quite impressive!  students performed scenes from plays including:  Michael Cook’s ‘The Fisherman’s Revenge’, Codco’s ‘Outport Taxi’, Kevin Major’s ‘No Man’s Land’, Al Pittman’s ‘West Moon’, Rhonda Payne’s ‘Stars in the Sky Morning‘, Robert Chafe’s ‘Tempting Providence‘, Berni Stapleton’s ‘Play Me Home‘, and Rising Tide Theater’s ‘The New Founde Land Pageant’.

Not only did our student learn about the dramatic arts, they also learned the various jobs involved with putting off a production.  Even our students who did not wish to have roles on the stage still found important jobs in terms of lights (Naasson Lambert), sound (Luke Monk), videography (Emma Blackmore), and set design and props.   Our design fabrication class did a great job on our tombstones for Westmoon!

We had a fantastic crowd come out to see our show and we hope you all had a great evening of drama as are very proud of what we accomplished.  We certainly appreciate the support!!!  We need to thank Rory for coming out and working with our students as he has done some amazing things with them and really gave our students a great experience.  We would also like to thank Mr Cook for all his efforts in implementing this Program and working with the students as well.  We would be remiss if we didn’t thank our office (Mr Mulrooney, Mr Balckmore, and Mrs Freeman) and our entire staff for their support and patience. And of course…none of this would be possible without the Newfoundland & Labrador Arts Council.  this grant has provided an amazing opportunity to our students.  Thank you so much.


2018 SSNL Table Tennis Qualifier

We would like to congratulate John Martin, Adrianna Martin, and John Frye on representing us so well at the 2018 SSNL Table Tennis Qualifier.  All three students competed in the individual tournament and John M. & John F. competed in the doubles tournament where they won a bronze medal.  Well done everyone!  And, thank you to Mr. Mulrooney for coaching and taking the team to Bishop White on Thursday!

Remembrance Day Assembly

Random Island Academy held its annual Remembrance Day Assembly today to honour those who have served and those who continue to serve our country.  We were very pleased to have Canadian Armed Forces veteran Dale Benson speak to our students today, and we were equally pleased to have members from the Canadian Rangers attend the ceremony.

We would like to thank Kayla Watton for emceeing the event, Mr. Cook for leading us in the act of remembrance, Damian Marsh for his reading of the poem, ‘In Flanders Fields’, & Mr. Mulrooney for delivering a message from the office.  We were also entertained by the elementary choral group and Matthew Drodge, Sheridan Parrott, & Keisha Parrott.

Members of the Random LIons Club also attended and presented the awards for the annual Peace Poster Contest; the theme this year was ‘The Future Of Peace’.  Lion Bev Penny (organizer of this event) and Head Lion Jim Penney presented the prizes for the annual peace poster contest.  We would like to congratulate Jake Baker on winning first place; Second place went to Faith Butt, and third place went to John Frye.  Thank you to all who participated in this event.  It was a great year for peace posters!



Please remember to take the time on November 11 at 11o’clock to have a moment of silence and remember the sacrifices of those who have served!

Our School Community Is The BEST (We may be biased…but still…Go Crusaders!!!)

What a day at RIA!!!

We had a busy day yesterday as we came together and cleaned up our school grounds.  We cleared away the playground and gave it a much needed sprucing up!  We cleaned up the basketball court, beach volleyball court, soccer field, front & back of the school, and we have begun the process of building our outdoor classroom!!!  We are so proud of our students, parents, staff, and community volunteers for coming together and showing their Crusader (and Eagle) Pride!!!

It was especially nice to see the Allan Duffett Memorial Playground get some much needed cleaning and painting on the anniversary of Hurricane Igor.  We hope to make this clean up an annual event as it is a great way to meet the staff and work together to improve our school!

Our clean up started with our students in the afternoon and continued on with students, parents, teachers, and community members long into the evening.  A big thank you goes out to Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Rogers, and Mr. Blackmore for your efforts in organizing and planning this event!  We have a lot of pictures because…well…we had a lot of help!


Senior Boys Basketball


The Senior Boys Basketball team will be heading to Provincials at St. Mary’s (Dunne Memorial Academy) next week after capturing the Regional Banner with a win over St. Mark’s.  The Crusaders defeated the Lions to capture the SSNL Avalon West ‘A’ Boys Basketball Regional title.   We would like to thank Mr. Glen O’Driscoll and the boys from St. Mark’s for coming up and competing!  The boys have had a pretty good season thus far as they have previously captured the tier III banner at the Cougar Classic in Clarenville early this winter.  We look forward to seeing them represent us at the Provincials next week.  Go Crusaders!!!c5ycm9jwmaa5tvgc2lkb9jwgaa4w7m

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