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Thursday, November 15th

RIA is closed for the morning due to power outages and the wind advisory. There will be an update at 1030.


Remembrance Day Assembly 2018

Random Island Academy Remembers Our Veterans

We were very pleased that so many of our school community could come in today and help us honour those who sacrificed so much for all of us.  We were especially pleased that local veterans, Master Warrant Officer (Ret’d) Dale Benson & Corporal (Ret’d) Melissa Smith, could join us.  Master Warrant Officer (Ret’d) Dale Benson is a 30+ year veteran of the Candian Armed Forces; He joined in June 1985, had many postings throughout his 30 years such as the Royal Canadian Dragoons, Armoured Regiment, NATO Forces, and the Combat Training Center Headquarters, and is currently in the Reserve Forces with the Canadian Rangers.  Corporal (Ret’d) Melissa Smith had 7 years of service in the Canadian Armed Forces joining in 2007 and training and serving as a medic; She was deployed to Afganistan in 2010 as a platoon medic in Oscar Company, 3rd Batallion of the Royal Canadian Regiment.  She medically retired from military service in 2015.  Melissa spoke to her old Alma Mater and reminded us that Veterans come in a variety of age and appearance and we are still welcoming home veterans every day from conflict.  She told us why this day has a new significance for her and who she now thinks of.  We greatly appreciated her message as we reflected on her journey from the classrooms of Random Island Academy to the battlefields of Afganistan…and home again.

It was also great to see so many Canadian Rangers today as they always support our services in with great enthusiasm; Blade Greening represented the 567 Random Air Cadets Squadron as well.  Other special special guests included Reverend Elsie Squires, who offered our opening and closing prayers, and the Random Lions Club.  The Lions presented their annual prizes for the Lions International Peace Poster Contest.  Lion Victoria presented the following awards:

3rd place – Natalie McGrath

2nd Place – John Frye

1st Place – Jade Greening

We would also like to thank Kayla Watton for MCing the Assembly, Brooklyn Green for reading the poem, In Flanders Fields, the NL Studies 2205 class for presenting their family’s veterans, the grade 4,5,6 class for reminding us to thank veterans, Mr. Cook for overseeing the Act of Remembrance and his Reflections, and all our candle lighters.  We would also like to thank our Student Council members for all their hard work and dedication; Our Senior Vice President, Sheridan Parrott and our Junior High President Hillary Ivany for the wreath layings; Sheridan also gave a beautiful performance of Sanctuary.  Thank you to Mr. Mulrooney for his closing message and a big thank you to Mrs. Smith for your efforts in organizing and overseeing this assembly.  THANK YOU ALL!!!


Halloween Activities at RIA

Monday (October 29th): Black and Orange Day. Wear anything that is black or orange today! Be creative and wear as much black and orange you can!

Tuesday (October 30th): Walking Dead day. Dress as a scary zombie, hunter, vampire, ghost, etc. Be creative!  

Wednesday (October 31st): Happy Halloween! Wear your Halloween costume today. *There will be a dance in the gym at lunchtime for primary kids.  FREE!!

         *Today is the day the homeroom classroom doors will be judged as well.

Thursday (November 1st): Halloween dances for grades 4-6 and 7-12 and there will be a bake sale at recess and lunchtime.

          *Grade 4-6 dance: 6 p.m – 8 p.m. $3.00 per student.

          *Grade 7-12 dance: 8:30 p.m – 10:30 p.m. $3.00 per student.

Parent SchoolMessenger Accounts/App

Parents can visit or they can download the school messenger parent App to their smartphone (blue in colour in the App store). When you create your account you need to use the email address that you have in the Parent 1 or 2 email field in Powerschool. Once you have everything setup you can go into preferences and manage how you want to receive messages. Messages and notifications are also sent directly to the App. Below are screenshots of what you should see from both the Web Portal and App (IOS view, Android should be similar).

Web Portal View:

App View: