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High School Trip To Trinity

On Friday, September 14th Students in grades 10 – 12 Travelled to Trinity to see Rising Tide’s Presentation of ‘Blue Castle’ and to take in the sights and sounds of the historic community.  Our students were treated to a fantastic performance that explored some important moments in our provinces history as we delved into the life of Phebe Miller, a prominent Newfoundland poet in the early 1900’s.  We were exposed to her love of writing, her love of her home, and her love of the people around her.  Our students came away with smiles and much to reflect on as It was a memorable performance.

Afterwards, our students were able to wander and explore Trinity enjoying its local culture and, of course, many of its local treats!  It was a fantastic day!  We would like to thank the cast and crew at Rising Tide for giving us this great opportunity.  We would also like to thank Mr Murlooney, Mrs Melay, and Mr Cook for accompanying our students on their trip.



Activities Planned For Thursday, September 20th, Will Be Postponed

Due to the high potential for poor weather tomorrow, we will be postponing all activities until next week. This includes the Terry Fox Walk/Walk to Breakfast, and the clean-up. Curriculum night will also be moved with these events. Sorry for any inconvenience.  We will notify you as soon as possible on the new date.  we look forward to seeing everyone!

RIA Newsletter

Please check out our September Newsletter as there is important information regarding Emergency Numbers, Volunteers, Bus Passes, & Parents/Visitors in the School!

Quick Hits

    • School Photos: Thursday, September 13th
    • Terry Fox Walk/Walk to Breakfast:  October 3rd
    • Cookie Dough Orders Due Back: Sept 17th with money
    • Synervoice/Automated Messages: if you need a phone number either added or removed from the system, please contact Steph at the school (547-2379).


You can download or view the entire newsletter here:    Newsletter September 7



Our School Community Comes Together For One Of Our Own (Updated)

We can’t tell you how much we raised yet…but we can tell you how many people care about Stephanie Freeman and her family.  A WHOLE LOT!!!  Stephanie is our school secretary and she is loved by all of us.  She recently found out that she has grade 2 brain cancer and would have to undergo 6 weeks of radiation and 12 months of chemotherapy.  When we heard that Steph was entering into this fight, we knew that we would enter it with her.

As a staff and as a school community we wanted to show our support and EVERYONE came out to help!  We decided to have a cold plate sale on Sunday, June 3rd, and we were so happy to see so many orders.  1532 to be exact.  We had orders from Arnold’s Cove to Catalina and everywhere in between (and around).  At first, we were a little overwhelmed.  For those of you who a not familiar with cold plate sales…that is a lot (understatement).  Some questioned if we could do it; no one had heard of anyone selling that many as a fundraiser around here before.  As a staff, we said we would do whatever it takes and rise up for Steph.  And to use a football metaphor…if you are going to throw a hail mary you need the right quarterback.

Enter Mrs Stephanie Smith.  While we had enormous support from all our staff, there is no doubt that Mrs Smith spearheaded our initiative and kept us organized.   And as we discovered, when you do a sale this big, organization is everything.  And again, for those not familiar with cold plate sales, it takes a lot of salad to be made and turkeys to be cooked to do it; we weren’t sure at first if we could get 552 litres of salad made (4 kinds of salad – 138 litres each) and 62 turkeys cooked.

Enter our school community.  It was overwhelming how much support we received; how many people volunteered; how many people wanted to help.  Salads?  check.  Turkeys? check.  Saturday night Prep workers?  Check.  Sunday morning making cold plates? check.  Deliveries?  Check.  Staff members and their spouses, parents, students, community members, surrounding community members,  all gave their time, money, and energy to make this endeavour a great success! We ended up making 1626 cold plates, but more importantly, we made the statement that we are with Steph during her fight!

We would like to acknowledge the following businesses for their kind contributions; donations came from:
Mary Browns
A & W 
Charlie Martin’s Store
Smith’s Foodtown
Island Holdings
Mike’s Trucking
Valmin Fire Protection
REN Electrical
Golden Shell Fisheries
Also, over 50 volunteers from the school community helped out!
And, the WHOLE school community volunteered for making/donating items!
Plus, many other monetary donations from members of the community!


Again, there are too many people to thank individually, but we wanted to tell all those that helped that YOU ARE AWESOME!!!  We are so grateful and we know that Steph and her family are so grateful for everyone’s generosity.  This was a truly beautiful example of what our School community is all about.  Family.

UPDATE:  After expenses…we are quite pleased to announce that we have raised $14,613.45!!! This will all go to Steph to help her in her fight!!!   Once again we have to thank everyone who supported and helped us!!!  One small school…one BIG heart!!!