RIA House League

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              W   L    Streak

Bulls     3 – 1         W 3

Lakers  3 – 1        W 2

Spurs     2 – 2       L 2

Celtics  0 – 4        L 4


      Game 1: 7:00                                                 Game 2:   8:20

Oct 23 Bulls (74) vs Spurs (81) Lakers (91) vs Celtics (71)
Oct 30 Spurs  (97) vs Celtics (59) Bulls (103) vs Lakers (76)
Nov 6 Bulls (88) vs Celtics (50) Spurs  (83) vs Lakers (92)
Nov13 Lakers (83) vs Celtics (75) Bulls (83) vs Spurs (78)
Nov 20 Bulls vs Lakers Spurs vs Celtics
Nov 27 Spurs vs Lakers Bulls vs Celtics
Dec 4 Bulls vs Spurs Lakers vs Celtics
Dec 11 Spurs vs Celtics Bulls vs Lakers
Dec 18 Bulls vs Celtics Spurs vs Lakers

The Bulls:  Vince Mulrooney – C, Kenneth Dalton – C, Lucas Ellsworth, Troy Butt , Travis Whalen, Todd Marsh (S), John Stone (S),   – Landon Wiseman, John Martin

The Spurs:  Lucas Marsh – C, Darren Avery – C, Matt Avery, Marcus Whalen, Dave Ingram, Justin Marsh (S),        –   Nick Wozniczko, Nolan Marsh, Matthew Drodge

The Lakers:  Matthew Cook -C, Chris Bowering – C, Anthony  Marsh, Jordan Marsh, Trent Whalen, Mike Marsh (S),     –  John Frye, Cody March

The Celtics:  Naasson Lambert – C, Cody King – C, Tyler Kelly, Peter Martin, John Martin, Matthew Drodge, Cody March, Nolan Marsh, Nick Wozniczko, Landon Wiseman, John Frye

   C – Captain   Captains can call fouls for their teammates who didn’t…but should have.  They                      can also assess a technical foul for their own team.

S – Shift Work Work makes attendance non-regular…will not make every week.

Schedule will consist of at least one game a week per team on Monday nights.  Teams should get 9 regular season games in the fall and 12 after Christmas than 2 playoff games (23 in total).  

***Schedule subject to change if school events come up**

Full League Teams, Rules and Schedule here:

RIA House League 2017-2018

C for letter