RIA Has Great Showing At Table Tennis Regionals


Congratulations to all our Table Tennis players who represented RIA extremely well yesterday at the Regional Table Tennis Qualifiers at Bishop White School.  Team members included: Candace Butt, Brianna Green, Jennifer Hart, Adrianna Martin, Curtis Vardy, Gregory Hoskins, Peter Martin, John Martin, and Landon Wiseman.  RIA finished 3rd in the team event but did capture some medals along the way in individual and doubles events.  they Include:

Candace Butt – Gold Medal in Female Singles

Curtis Vardy & Candace Butt – Silver Medal in Mixed Doubles

Landon Wiseman & Peter Martin – Bronze Medal in Male Doubles

Candace Butt- Sportsmanship Award
Gregory Hoskins – Sportsmanship Award

Congratulations goes to Bishop white School for being such great hosts and capturing 2nd place in the team event.  We would also like to congratulate Heritage Collegiate on winning Gold in the team event; good luck at Provincials!  Joining them at Provincials will be our own Candace Butt who, by winning Gold has earned the right to compete in the Provincial Female singles event.  Way to go Candace!  Way to go Crusaders!!!

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Midterm Exam Schedule

Entire exam schedule can be downloaded here: Exam schedule 2016

Monday, January 25th (Day 5)

8:50 – 10-50  English 3201, 2201, 1201, 3202, 2202, 1202

Tuesday, January 26th (Day 6)

8:50 – 10-50  Biology 2201

Wednesday, January 27th (Day 7)

8:50 – 10-50  Physics 3204, Math 1201/ 2201 / 2200 / 3202

12:40 – 2:40  Canadian History 2201

Thursday, January 28th (Day 8)

8:50 – 10-50  Chemistry 2202, Science 1206, Science 2200, Math 3201

Friday, January 29th (Day 9)

8:50 – 10-50  Chemistry 3202, Physics 2204

Note: Exams are 2 hours in duration, however, at the discretion of the school, some extra time may be given, and normally 10 minutes per hour is a good guideline to follow. Students with accommodations for testing may be given additional time.