Graduation Ceremony 2015


Congratulations to Random Island Academy’s graduating class of 2015!  The class celebrated their 13 years at RIA this past Friday as they decorated the gymnasium with the theme of ‘Newfoundland’.  It was a beautiful atmosphere and a fun evening.  We would like to thank all the volunteers who helped the grads decorate and we would especially like to thank all the volunteers and the Home and school association who prepared and served such a delicious meal on Friday night.  And, congratulations to the grads, and especially Mr. Abbott, for their efforts in preparing and delivering such a nice church service, dinner ceremony, and grand march.  We would lastly like to remind the grads that exams are coming…so keep your eye on the real prize!!!


Earth Day – Light’s Out RIA


earth day

Today is Earth Day, in celebration of this we have registered our school for Lights Out Canada. It is a national initiative for schools to take a stance towards climate change.  All we have to do as a school is turn off as many lights as possible for the day.  We know that some areas of the school have very few windows for lighting, but please reduce as much as possible (use only half the lights etc..)  This is one day to take a stance so let’s do what we can.  

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‘A Ghost of a Chance’ Receives Great Praise!


The Random island Academy Senior Drama Troupe performed ‘A Ghost of a Chance’ (a play written by their teacher/Director Mr. Cook)  this past Monday night at the EEC as part of the Vista Regional Drama Festival.  Our students DELIVERED a FANTASTIC performance!  Every member of the cast was recognized with the best ensemble award as they all had a night to remember.  It was widely remarked that every character was memorable and the students really made them their own.  Jennifer and Joanne Hart received a dynamic duo award for their role as some ‘weird sisters’.  The cast also received a makeup award as we brought the dead to life; this is largely due to the efforts of Keisha Kelly, Brianna Green, and Tiffany Hart.   All in all it was a great festival as our troupe looked more like professionals than intermediate and high school students.  Mr. Cook was very very pleased with the performance and was quite proud of what his troupe had accomplished.  He has said that the students gave them everything they had and he couldn’t have asked them for better!  They should all be very proud of what they have accomplished on Monday night.

A special note:  This was the last festival for 8 members of our troupe, our grade 12 students.  Melanie Reid, Joanne Hart, Tim Stone, Brandon Wiseman, Justin Palmer, Marcus Bowering, Johnathen Kelly, and John Bowering have entertained us for many years now and it was great to see them go out with such an unbelievable performance!  Thank you all for your dedication and hard work…we hope to see you on our stage again sometime in the future!


Science 1206 Selected for National Program!

Malaise Trap
Random Island Academy’s Science 1206 Class have been selected as one of 64 schools from both elementary and secondary schools across Canada to participate in the Spring 2015 School Malaise Trap Program!  Through hands-on research and inquiry based learning, the School Malaise Trap Program encourages students to become actively engaged citizen scientists – the data collected contributes to the International Barcode of Life project. Over 700 new species have been discovered since this project began!  From April 20- May 1, we will have a tent placed outside our building that will attact and collect insects of our local area.   People are welcome to look at the tent, but to keep this experiment and research valid we ask that you please do not disturb the set up.  We are looking forward to analyze the insects that we collect!


Visit this link to see other the other schools that are participating across the country!