Fall Fair

Random Island Academy, in partnership with the PBLLC Recreation Association, will be hosting a fall fair at the school on Saturday, Nov. 22. If you are interested in booking a table, please call Sandy at the school or contact Penny Currie.

RIA Teams up with Random East Walking Group

Work is currently underway on a multi-sportsplex area behind our school. The Walking group partnered with the school to access a grant from Eastern Health which is being used to build a multi-sport green space on the grounds of the school. A big “THANK YOU!” goes out to Eastern Health, Random East Walking group members, and of course the many volunteers who have contributed to this project.

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RIA Student Council Hosts Jamarama Day for the Janeway!

Random Island Academy’s student council members have been busy once again. This time they took on Jamarama Day in support of the Children’s Wish Foundation. Students could make a $2.00 donation and wear their PJ’s to school. As part of the organization, students Katelyn Butt, Amber Hart, and Damian Marsh visited classes to let students know about the event. Congrats to all who took part and to those who donated!!

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RIA Hosts Cross Country Race

Over 100 from around the district descended on Random Island Academy for a cross country race on Thursday afternoon. While students got a little damp in the rain, the weather was warm and the course was ideal for running. Thank you to all parents and volunteers who helped out to make this another successful event for our school.


Great Weekend of Volleyball at RIA

Congratulations to our Senior Girls Volleyball team on winning Silver Medals this past weekend!

This past weekend our Senior Girls hosted a 5 team invitational tournament at our school.  There were two teams from Tricentia Academy, a team from Discovery Collegiate, a team from Clarenville High school, and our host team.  Our girls went 3-1 in round robin play only losing to the eventual gold medalists from Tricentia Academy.  RIA then went on to beat Clarenville in the semi-final while Tricentia defeated Discovery.  It was a hard fought championship game but our girls fell short in the final.  RIA played hard all weekend and it was a great showing for their first tournament of the year.  Great job girls!  A big thank you goes out to all the parents and volunteers for all your work this weekend;  also, a big thank you goes to Mrs. Smith for all your time and effort that went into coaching and organizing this weekend’s event!


education week

Monday, October 6th – Friday, October 10th

To celebrate this week, the Student Council has many fun and exciting events planned!!!
Date Dress up days Events

Monday, October 6th
Wacky Hair/Wacky Hat Day – Style your hair crazy, or dig out the wackiest hat you have!
Lunch: Bubble Gum Race (7-12)
Scavenger Hunt (7-12) will be passed out. Items to be searched for throughout the week, and returned on Friday.

Tuesday, October 7th
Twin Day – Find a partner in your homeroom and dress alike!
Lunch: Iron Guts (7-12)

Wednesday, October 8th
No School: Teacher PD Day
All events are rescheduled for Wed, Oct. 15th; See schedule below.

Thursday, October 9th
Duck Dynasty Day
Dress as your favourite character or best camouflage outfit. Lunch: Mario Kart Competition (7-12)
4-6: 6:00-7:30
7-12: 8:00-10:00
Cost: $3.00
Canteen services available.

Friday, October 10th
Survivor Day
Each class is assigned a team colour. See Chart below.
Hide & Seek (K-6 & 7-12)
Obstacle Course (7-12)

***Wednesday, October 15th
Wild, Wild, West Day
Dress in your best cowboy attire!
Lunch: Archery (7-12)

This year we are having a Survivor theme. On Monday each grade must choose a survivor team name and design a flag to put on their door. Each grade is assigned a specific team colour, and this colour can be worn on any day during the week. If someone does not have anything that suits a day, they can wear their team colour and still get counted for participation points. This is always a backup!

Survivor Team Colours (Grade/Colour)
K-2 Red 3 Green 4 Blue 5 Orange 6 Yellow 7 Red
8 Green 9 Blue 10 Orange 11 White 12 Yellow

RIA Student Council Attends Leadership Forum

Members of the Random Island Academy Student Council attended the Student Leadership Forum at Heritage Collegiate on Tuesday.  Students had the opportunity to hear Barry Green, a man who refers to himself as the ‘unity guy’, speak to students about following their dreams and the importance of paying it forward; he expressed the idea to students that if they did good things for others and served their communities they would be rewarded in the long term.  He also stressed the idea that if you work hard for your dreams they will eventually come true.  The student leaders at this forum had a great time and left with some great life advice.  Thank you to Mrs. Smith for taking these students to the Forum and for all your efforts with the Student Council!

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