Parent SchoolMessenger Accounts/App

Parents can visit or they can download the school messenger parent App to their smartphone (blue in colour in the App store). When you create your account you need to use the email address that you have in the Parent 1 or 2 email field in Powerschool. Once you have everything setup you can go into preferences and manage how you want to receive messages. Messages and notifications are also sent directly to the App. Below are screenshots of what you should see from both the Web Portal and App (IOS view, Android should be similar).

Web Portal View:

App View:

Random Island Academy  

Student Council 2018-2019

Council Member

Sr. High President Devin Kelly
Sr. High Vice-President Sheridan Parrott
Executive Member Keisha Parrott
Executive Member Emma Blackmore
Executive Member Gabe Blundell
Jr. High President Hillary Ivany
Grade 12 Rep Abby Blundell
Grade 12 Rep Kayla Watton
Grade 11 Rep Jenessa Banfield
Grade 11 Rep Sabrina Martin
Grade 10 Rep Blade Greening
Grade 10 Rep Landon Wiseman
Grade 9 Rep McKenna Simmons
Grade 9 Rep Rebecca Martin
Grade 8 Rep Jade Greening
Grade 8 Rep Monica Penney
Grade 7 Rep Hannah Patey
Grade 7 Rep Cody Watton

High School Trip To Trinity

On Friday, September 14th Students in grades 10 – 12 Travelled to Trinity to see Rising Tide’s Presentation of ‘Blue Castle’ and to take in the sights and sounds of the historic community.  Our students were treated to a fantastic performance that explored some important moments in our provinces history as we delved into the life of Phebe Miller, a prominent Newfoundland poet in the early 1900’s.  We were exposed to her love of writing, her love of her home, and her love of the people around her.  Our students came away with smiles and much to reflect on as It was a memorable performance.

Afterwards, our students were able to wander and explore Trinity enjoying its local culture and, of course, many of its local treats!  It was a fantastic day!  We would like to thank the cast and crew at Rising Tide for giving us this great opportunity.  We would also like to thank Mr Murlooney, Mrs Melay, and Mr Cook for accompanying our students on their trip.